10 Ways to Keep Your Boy’s Room Smelling Clean #WicklessWonders

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#WicklessWonders #CollectiveBias

Hello! How are you? I just have to brag & tell you how nice my boys smell! Their rooms are so fresh, & it almost smells like flowers when I peek my head in. ha! April Fools! I didn’t fool you did I? 😉 If you have boys, you know that they can be a little bit stinky! That is why I was so excited when I found out about the new, very affordable, child-friendly, waxless ScentSationals AromaBreeze Fragrance System now available at Walmart. These warmers are clean & stylish, & I love they immediately release fragrance as soon as you turn them on. Sometimes you need that clean, fresh scent right then! So keep reading & I’ll tell you more about this brand new system. I’m also sharing 10 Ways to Keep Your Boy’s Room Smelling Clean. So let’s get started! 🙂

10 Ways to Keep Your Boy's Room Smelling Clean at GingerSnapCrafts.com  #WicklessWonders #CollectiveBias #ad

Aroma Breeze airplane warmer #wicklesswonder

First, let me give you some tips for keeping your boy’s rooms smelling fresh! Just a little background I’ve been a #momofboys for over 17 years! I smelled just a little bit of stink in my life, & I’ve tried just about every fragrance system, too. So I’m speaking from experience! 😉

1. Wash covers & sheets. About once a week I wash all their blankets, pillow cases, sheets & comforters.

2. Open your windows. This is a great tip to try out on a beautiful spring day like we’ve been having. Opening the windows & airing out the room can do wonders.

3. No animals in the bedrooms. We had to start this rule after my oldest son had his hermit crab die. We didn’t know for a few weeks! He didn’t tell think to tell us until we smelled something. Ewwww!

4. Deep clean often. I find that every two weeks or so I really need to take an hour or so & deep clean my son’s room especially my 5 year old’s room. You never know what you might find stuffed under the bed from dirty socks to worse!

5. Wipe down surfaces. Using a wet rag & all purpose cleaner wipe down any hard surfaces like door knobs, activity tables & bookcases.

airplane decor for kid's rooms

6. Vacuum weekly & shampoo the carpet often. Clean carpet smells better! 🙂

7. Add something green. For older kids having a plant in their room can help absorb some of the odor.

8. Don’t store shoes in the bedroom. Shoes are stinky. Need I say more? ha! 🙂 We keep ours in benches near the front & back doors.

9. No food or drink in bedrooms. We really try to keep this rule for the whole house & keep all the food & drink in the kitchen. We haven’t always had this rule. All we needed was one cup of spilled milk on the carpet to break us off that habit. Ick!

10. Have a fragrance system. Even after doing all of the above you are going to have some lingering issues! You can’t get rid of all smells especially when you have kiddos! Kids are messy & a little stinky! Having a system like AromaBreeze Fragrance System can help you have a clean, fresh smelling house all the time! 🙂

Let me tell you a little bit about this system. 🙂 I’ve used a ton of different warmers & smellies in our home. Annnnd I just love this new system! It has so many neat features that other systems don’t.

Aroma Breeze #wicklesswonder

Instead of waxes or oils this system used Halo Fragrances. They come in lots of different fragrances & cost a little over $2 each. This makes them super affordable! They are so easy to replace & start working as soon as you put it in. They are designed to maximize the fragrance area, & allow the aroma to spiral outward filling your home with a fresh, clean scent. The fragrance also lasts 50% longer than wax. Awesome!

Aroma Breeze scents

The units comes in so many cute designs! You can find designs for kids’ rooms, your living room, bedroom & kitchen. These fragrance units use no heat and are safe for pets and children’s rooms. They have something for everyone & everywhere! You can browse all the different designs {HERE}.

Aroma Breeze airplane

I was debating between the racecar & this cute airplane!

Aroma Breeze makes your home smell good.

It’s important to read the enclosed instructions carefully before you get started, but basically you remove the bottom part of your unit first.

Aroma Breeze scent warmer

Then you slip the Halo Fragrance right over the light bulb.

AromaBreeze for your home

I love that you can use batteries with this fragrance system. This truly makes it portable. You can set it wherever you need it. This makes it super kid friendly. You don’t have to worry about the kiddos pulling on the cord or playing with the outlet. So next I installed my batteries in the bottom of my unit.

Aroma Breeze battery operated warmer

FYI: It does come with a power cord if you need it! 🙂

Aroma therapy for your home

After you have everything in place you’ll reassemble your unit & turn it on.

airplane decor for boy's room

I love that the AromaBreeze Fragrance System combines style and technology with a safe and clean way to freshen up any space in your home. They are safe, clean & very stylish.

Aroma Breeze airplane warmer
Remember you can find the AromaBreeze Fragrance System at select Walmart stores.

scentsational aromabreeze fragrance system at Walmart

You can also find this fragrance systems online at Walmart.com. 🙂
These would make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts! Just sayin’. 😉

Aroma Breeze airplane warmer #wicklesswonder#wicklesswonder making your kids room smell better

I’ve shared my best tips for keeping my boy’s room smelling clean using the AromaBreeze Fragrance System. Where in your home could you use one or two? 😉 I’d love to hear. Leave a comment below.

10 Ways to Keep Your Boy's Room Smelling Clean at GingerSnapCrafts.com  #WicklessWonders #CollectiveBias #ad

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