12+ Ways to Add Texture to Your Home

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Hello! Good morning! I’m loving the industrial farmhouse look that is so popular right now. I really love all the neutral colors that accompany it, too. My only reservation about this trend is that if you’re not careful everything can kind of blend together & become a little bit boring. Blah! We don’t want that! ha! One way to get around that & still keep that nice clean, soothing color pallet is to add texture to your home! Texture makes it interesting & gives your home tons of visual appeal.  Today I’d love to share 12+ Ways to Add Texture to Your Home. Let’s get started!

12  Ways to Add Texture to Your Home at GingerSnapCrafts.com #forthehome #homedecor

leaf pillow

I love embroidery! It adds just the right amount of texture & interest. Plus, it can be customized to match your décor & style. I love this leaf decorative pillow which is embellished with this natural foliage embroidered design. So pretty!

throw blanket

Throws! Especially this time of year, fall means it is THE time to bring out all the pretty throws & blankets. They add instant texture, too. Annnnnd they are awesome on those cold nights! I love the fringe on this one. It adds even more texture & interest to the room.

gold candle

Add some bling! Gold is a popular color right now. I love this scented candle in a gold candle holder. I really like the shimmery & shiny texture. Imagine how pretty this would look up on your mantel.


Try to add throw pillows that are made with different & contrasting materials. I love this throw pillow with it’s almost cable knit sweater look. This would be an adorable addition to your winter décor.

serving tray

Think outside of the box. This leather round tray (that uses leather in a place we usually don’t see leather in) keeps it interesting & creative.


Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of color. Color (like in this throw) adds some texture of it’s own.

flannel throw

Another thing I love to do is mix it up. I love this bedroom with it’s mix of smooth & rough textures.

gold pillows

To create visual interest vary the sizes of items in your home. Pairing a bigger throw pillow with a smaller one adds some fun to your home décor & breaks up the pattern & adds depth & texture.


Choose décor pieces that mixes texture within itself. I love how this candle mixes the blingy & sparkly silver along with the smooth purple color.


Used varied textures in similar items. I love how these bath towels are both the same color, but have different designs. That adds interest & some fun eye candy.


Add sheer, light fabrics with heavier fabrics. I love how the sheer curtains add a gentleness when paired with this bed set with it’s heavier, thicker material.


Add pattern. Pattern equals texture in my book. ha! Throw some fun patterns into your home décor (like with this fun decorative pillow).

How do you add texture & interest to your home? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below. 🙂
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12  Ways to Add Texture to Your Home at GingerSnapCrafts.com #forthehome #homedecor

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