15 Things to Do with Your Family When The Lights Go Out {with Duracell} #PrepWithPower

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Hello! Well, the official first day of summer was Saturday! Can you believe how fast this year is flying by? It’s a little crazy! ha! 😉 Summer means lots of fun times but it also means we are at the peak of summer storms & severe weather. Summer is also a time when the power tends to go out unexpectedly. So it is a good time to collect a few supplies & activities to keep on hand to help your kiddos stay busy & to calm their fears when your family is in a storm or loses power. So today I am excited to share 15 things to do with your family when the lights go out with a little help from Duracell batteries. I’ll also be sharing what we pack in our 72 hour kit, and I’ll have a link to a Duracell coupon! Yay! So keep reading! 😉

15 Things to Do with Your Family when the Lights Go Out #PrepWithPower  #CollectiveBias #shop

some ideas for your emergency kit

kit to use in an emergency #shop

We are working hard on making our 72 hour kits. We are slowly collecting things to add to them. If you haven’t heart of a 72 hour kit, it is a bag or backpack that you could grab in an emergency that has enough supplies & food to last several days. Ideally it would be a great idea to have one backpack or kit for each member of your family. This is a great use of your kiddos’ old backpacks from school that they aren’t using anymore. It also would be great idea to get the kiddos involved in packing their own backpack with games, supplies & food they like.

In addition to the regular supplies like food, water & batteries we also pack some fun activities to keep the kids busy during a power outage or storm. A lot of these activities require batteries! So make sure you pack plenty of those! 🙂

1. Hang up a sheet in a door way & use flashlights to put on a shadow puppet show for your family.

2. Make a list of items in your home, and then have a flashlight scavenger hunt. See who can find everything on the list first!

3. My kiddos love to color & draw ~ especially my 7 year old daughter! So in her kit we always have plenty of paper & colored pencil. It’s even more fun to color by flashlight! ha! 😉

draw in a book

4. Sing campfire songs!

5. Hold a dance contest using a battery powered “boom box”. (That’s what my kiddos call it! ha!) Hold flashlights in your hands while you dance for some super cool moves!

GingerSnapCrafts.com #kidactivity #collectivebias

6. Using the same “boom box” have a lip singing competition. Yes, that is a NKOTB CD! All of my kids might know every single NKOTB song by heart. ha! 😉

7. Paint each other’s fingernails & toenails by flashlight. When the lights come back on see how good of a job you did! ha! 😉

glow in the dark

8. For my younger two boys I always pack some glow in the dark activities! They can’t resist these! Make sure you have your flashlight handy because some of these will need to be “charged” by the light to glow.

9. Make shadow shapes with your flashlight. This is a super fun activity to do & so easy!

How to Make Shadow Shapes at GingerSnapCrafts.com #kidactivity

You can use a paper punch or scissors to cut out different shapes ~ hearts, stars or use your imagination! Then using a glue dot or tape you’ll stick your shape on your flashlight. Turn it on & you can see your shape on the wall. Get closer to make it smaller & back up to make it bigger. My kids LOVE doing this!

kid activity when the lights go out #shop  kid activityHow to Make Shadow Shapes at GingerSnapCrafts.com #kidactivity #shop

10. Do you remember that song Fishing in the Dark? Well, we do our own version when the lights go out! ha! This game is a classic but it does take batteries. So make sure you pack those Duracell batteries in your kit so you can play. 🙂

play games with your family

11. Make funny faces by holding a flashlight under your chin. ha! 😉

12. Make colorful flashlights by wrapping colorful cellophane over the top of your flashlight (secure with a rubber band).

13. Read books by flashlight! My kiddos love to read. We pack some of their favorite books in our kits, too.

read books

14. Tell ghost stories!

15. Play a round of gossip! You know the game where you whisper a sentence in someone’s ear & they tell the next person & so on. It’s funny to see what the sentence turns into by the time it makes it way around the room.

kit for emergencies #shop
In addition to the fun activities, we also include these items in our 72 hour kits:
food with a long shelf life & that does not have to be cooked (dried fruit, granola bars, crackers, beef jerky, etc.)
water flavors
extra cash
extra Duracell Coppertop & Quantum Batteries (all sizes)

prepared for a storm #shop

First Aid Kit & medications
list of important phone numbers
battery operated weather radio
extra cell phone chargers
battery operated radio
copies of important papers

72 hour kit #shop

You can find Duracell Quantum & Coppertop batteries at Walmart.

2014-06-18 12.31.57

Don’t forget to grab your Duracell coupon! 🙂

#prepwithpower Duracell Coupon

Do you have any fun activities you do with your family when the lights go out?
What are some things you like to include in your emergency kit? 
I’d love to hear! Leave some your ideas in the comments section! 🙂

15 Things to Do with Your Family when the Lights Go Out #PrepWithPower  #CollectiveBias #shop

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