9 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes + Two Spooky Recipes with TruMoo Orange Scream

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Hello! It’s almost Halloween! Eek! So today let’s talk about Halloween traditions. We have a few. 😉 How about you? 😉 Since we moved into our neighborhood about 8 years ago Halloween has become one of our favorite holidays. We have the best neighborhood (in my opinion!) for Halloween. We get tons of ghost & goblins to our door. Neighbors host spook houses in their garages, hayrides through the streets & everyone decorates their houses & yards from top to bottom with spooky Halloween decorations. Our neighbors across the street even turned their front yard into a graveyard one year. Spooky! Before my kiddos head out the door to go trick or treating we always have a spooky Halloween meal. TruMoo Orange Scream would be the perfect addition to any Halloween meal or to add color to a favorite Halloween recipe. After we eat my kiddos head off to do a little trick or treating in usually a homemade costume made by yours truly. So I’ve scoured this blog & our family blog to bring you 9 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes from over the years. I’m also sharing 2 recipes with TruMoo Orange Scream. So let’s get started! 🙂

9 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes at GingerSnapCrafts.com


Ghost ~ I put on a spooky ghost face with black heat transfer vinyl (or you could use fabric paint) on a white tee. You can see the full tutorial {HERE}.


Cheerleader & Mascot ~ Last year Halloween was on Friday night….football season! So we ended up going to the football game instead of trick or treating. So of course, we had a cheerleader & a mascot for Halloween. 😉 My daughter wore her big sister’s old cheerleading uniform. I found some matching pom poms online. My son was obsessed (& still is!) with our high school’s mascot ~ Hank the Hawk. I found him an angry birds (aka Hawk!) hat, & he wore it with a black t-shirt & pants. I used fabric pant to add Hank’s name across the front. Orange soccer socks & canvas shoes died orange completed the outfit.


Mummy ~ I bought a couple of yards of white material, & then I ripped it into strips. Annnnd then I wrapped it around & around until she was mummified. ha! I added some face paint & done!

mime costume2

Mime ~ find the easy tutorial {HERE}

no sew bee costume

Bee Costume ~ find the easy tutorial {HERE}


Dinosaur ~ See the easy tutorial {HERE}


Super Hero ~ See the tutorial {HERE}


Nerd ~ All you need is some suspenders & glasses! Too cute!


Old Man ~ This one is my favorite! All you need is some suspenders, “Sunday” clothes, a bow tie & glasses. Then add some white hair coloring.


Cat ~ All you need is a cat mask, leotard, skirt, tights & a tail.

Another tradition we have is to make a spooky meal right before we go trick or treating. We’ve made octopus stew (chicken noodle soup with hot dogs cut into tiny octopuses), dinner in a pumpkin, “fingers” in a blanket (hot dogs wrapped in can biscuits) & rotten teeth (apple slices with tiny marshmallows stuck on with peanut butter to look like teeth). A great addition to these spooky meals is TruMoo Orange Scream. Back by popular demand, this orange-tinted milk will be available nationwide from now through October 31. Eek! Look for it at your local grocery store.

Orange Scream Carton

TruMoo Orange Scream is inspired by an orange frozen popsicle with vanilla ice cream. Can you say yum? 🙂 TruMoo Orange Scream contains no artificial growth hormones or high-fructose corn syrup & is made with low-fat white milk from your local dairy. It’s amazing on it’s own or use it as a colorful ingredient in spooky treats like this Candy Corn Pudding or Freaky French Toast.

Candy Corn Pudding - SQUARE

Candy Corn Pudding

Candy Corn Pudding

Freaky French Toast - SQUARE

Freaky French Toast

Freaky French Toast

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Look for specially marked Halloween TruMoo products to see how to play.


What are some of your family’s Halloween traditions?
I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below! 🙂

Enjoy even more DIY Halloween Costumes.

15  DIY Halloween Costumes at GingerSnapCrafts.com #linkparty #features

Annnnd here’s a few more DIY Costumes!


Just in case you needed more DIY costume ideas. Here you go! 😉

Costume-blog-hop-cover-88 (1)

TruMoo Orange Scream is available in grocery stores nationwide until October 31!

9 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes at GingerSnapCrafts.com

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