A Night at the Drive-In with Monsters University #MUPreOrder

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A few weeks ago I told you about the little Monsters University party I had for my kiddos. (Remembered the cute monster cups we made?) We were celebrating the release of Monsters University & our upcoming summer bucket list trip to the drive-in movies to see it! Wahoo! Well, last weekend was our big trip to the drive-in! It was awesome, & we had so much fun! While we were at Walmart picking up the important drive-in movies snacks, we noticed that you can pre-purchase Monsters University right now! Yay! It’s a pretty sweet deal, so keep reading to find out more. (I also have an official Monster University review from all 5 of my kiddos!) 🙂

#MUPreOrder movie

Walmart Vudu

Before our trip to the movies we made a trip to Walmart to pick up movie snacks, of course. ha! 🙂 As soon as we walked into Walmart we noticed a huge Monster University pre-purchase sign by the front door! Hmmmm…..sounded interesting! So we headed back toward the electronics to check it out. 🙂

Monsters University preorder
You may be wondering why you should pre-purchase the movie. Well, I’ll tell you! 😉 Not only will you get a Blu-ray & DVD mailed right to your front door this fall when Monsters University comes out but you will also get a digital copy sent to your VUDU account. We love VUDU!! Unfortunately disc do not last long around our house before they get scratched or lost. VUDU has your movie right there whenever you want to watch it. We stream ours through a ROKU box right to our TV. So convenient! You also get a Juicy Juice coupon, a free movie ticket to any Disney movie & access to Disney sneak peeks at vudu.com with your pre-purchase. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

#MUPreOrder family
Anyways, back to the drive-in! We went the next night which was Saturday. Wahoo! It was awesome! Can’t you see the suspense in their little faces! They were so ready for Monsters University to start! 🙂

#MUPreOrder Pre-Order

And right at 8:45 it did! Yay!

#MUPreOrder movie

Now here are the official & very short & sweet (ha!) reviews of Monsters University from my kiddos:

Zach, age 16: It was cool.

Cailey, age 12: It was good ~ even better than I was expecting. It was exciting!

Rylan, age 10: It was better than the first one!

Cara, age 6: I loved the movie.

Cole, age 3: I was funny.

I think they LOVED it! ha! 🙂

Later on after we came home (& I got some rest! ha!), I went online & used my redemption code to have the Monsters University discs mailed to us. Then I used the same code to redeem our free movie ticket for any Disney movie. It was really easy to do, and the instructions on the box walk you right through it.

pre-purchase pixar

I know that this is a movie that my kiddos will want to watch again & again! I’m so excited that we have everything set to go for when it comes out later this fall.

vudu, Disney   image

If you’d like to see how we made our monster cups you can check those out here, and for some more fun Monsters University crafts & recipe ideas check out this awesome Monsters University Pinterest board for tons of ideas!

Make Your Own Monster Cups #MUJuice #gingersnapcrafts #tutorial

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