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Hello there! I have a confession to make. πŸ™‚ Even though I’m a DIY blogger, I still have projects on my to do list that sit and sit and sit. You know when you buy all the supplies to make something, and then they sit on your closet floor for months? Or you have tons of ideas pinned on Pinterest, but you just never get around to them? Or maybe you have a piece of furniture sitting in your garage (patiently) waiting on its makeover? Well, that was me! ha! I bought this armoire almost a year ago. It’s been collecting dust & random garage items for months. It was dying for a makeover. With a little help from Devine Color + Target, it was finally time. πŸ™‚

Armoire Makeover at #forthehome

Let me show you the before. A little bit 80s, wouldn’t you say? πŸ™‚ I bought this armoire for $50 from a friend of mine last summer. I have a thing for armoires! ha! I knew it had good bones, and it just needed some TLC. I loved the crown molding & all the details. I loved that the doors swung all the way open. I loved the two huge drawers at the bottom. I didn’t love the color, and the hardware had to go. It was a bit clunky & dated for my taste.

armoire before

Annnnd the back….not sure why it had a huge hole cut out of it? Hmmmmmm……

armoire before 1

Yep, it was time to plan a makeover & head to Target. πŸ™‚ If you have been to Target lately, you might of notice the amazing line of Devine Color by Valspar products in the home improvement section near the light bulbs. Tip: If you don’t live near a Target, you can always purchase all of these amazing products online at Simply search for Devine Color & everything should pop right up. By the way, these products are only available at Target. They are designed to coordinate with Target home decor, and they are perfect for every budget. All I needed for my project was one can of paint & one roll of wallpaper.


I literally spent a good 30 minutes in Target just enjoying & thinking about all the amazing colors and design combinations. Tip: I love how the wallpaper has color swatches right on the label to match up with coordinating paint colors. It makes it super simple to decide what patterns match with what colors. I ended up choosing a fun almost coral color called Devine Primrose and a coordinating wallpaper to go along with it called Suit & Tie.

For this project you will need:

  • Devine Color by Valspar Creamy Wall Coatings Interior Paint & Primer
  • foam roller brush
  • drop cloth
  • hand sander
  • medium grit sandpaper
  • new hardware (optional)
  • wood filler (optional)
  • 1 sheet backing board
  • table saw
  • Devine Color by Valspar Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper
  • straight edge cutter
  • cutting mat

Once I got home with my goodies, the first thing I did was take my armoire completely apart. I removed all the hinges & old hardware. I filled any screw holes that I wasn’t going to be using anymore with wood filler. I let that dry. Then I sanded down my entire armoire. I didn’t sand all the way down to the bare wood, but I did sand just enough to get any shiny, glossy areas off. After everything was sanded, I cleaned off all of the dust using a damp cloth. 

armoire before 3

Now the fun begins! It’s time to paint!


Whenever I’m painting furniture I always use a 4 inch foam roller brush. I find that it always helps give a nice smooth finish when you use that type of brush. Plus, the paint goes on quickly with a roller type brush. It was amazing to see how smooth this paint went on. Even with just one coat, the color was amazing. It adhered to the wood perfectly. I ended up doing two coats of paint on the whole armoire with a 3rd coat just to touch up areas I had missed.


Next, I cut a new backing piece for the armoire. If you remember in the before the backing piece had a big hole right in the middle. Tip: Don’t forget to cut a small hole for your plugs to go through!


I mentioned this before, but here’s a close-up look. I love how the wallpaper shows matching paint colors.

To cover the backing board, I needed two sheets of wallpaper cut just a little bit longer than the backing board. I smoothed it out working on one end & smoothing it with my hand until it was all nice & flat. Just be sure to work out any bubbles. The great thing about this wallpaper is that it’s removable. If you have an air bubble or if it’s a little crooked, simply remove it & reapply.

When my back was completely covered, I just flipped it over & used a straight edge to remove the excess wallpaper.

Here’s how it looked before I screwed it onto my armoire.

Annnnnnnd here’s the after. I kind of love it!


I accessorized my armoire with a few goodies that I found at Target. I added a few baskets (I love baskets!), a navy throw & a fun rug. All these items tie in together to make our new armoire feel cozy & right in place in our home. I love how Devine Color products are especially created to coordinate almost seamlessly with the amazing Target decor line. It makes decorating your home so, so easy!

tv cabinet makeover with Valspar

These fun baskets from Target fit perfectly in the shelves. How cool is that? They are perfect for storing remotes & game controllers for my kiddos.


I also used baskets from Target to organize the drawers underneath. Can you spot the Devine Color wallpaper underneath? I had enough on one roll to cover the entire back and the bottom of both drawers. Awesome! πŸ™‚


If you look close, you can see my curtains. Yep, you guessed it! They’re from Target, too!

armoire makeover

Do you have an old piece of furniture sitting in your garage?
Don’t be afraid! Pick up some Devine Color at Target,
& soon your home will have a brand-new look at an affordable price!
If I can do it, I know you can too! It’s easy to make big changes in your home. πŸ™‚
Be sure to follow Devine Color on Instagram for more inspiration! πŸ™‚

Armoire Makeover at #forthehome

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