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Hello friends. My name is Marilyn from next door at The ArtsyGirl Connection. I am beyond thrilled to be able to stop in, share and Spend Christmas Here  At Ginger’s. Hope you enjoy what I made with lots of love to share. THANKS for having me Ginger!!… XOxoxo.. A bit about me...
I’m a mother to two beautiful mini Moon’s, engaged to my very best friend, craft addict, pixel lover and a DIY trial and error chef in my own world!! I love indulging in creative outlets from crafting to enhancing our home over the season’s and creating unique items for my children. I craft for cause and totally light up at any opportunity to help bring awareness where needed to various aspects of issues close to my heart.  I will LOVE to get to know you all and an opportunity to indulge in more future blog shenanigans sometime.. Hope you can all stop in and say hello.. {..My Project here today is one of my favorites.. Hope you enjoy and get to share with loved ones this Christmas.. }
*Festive Holiday….Bark Goodies*
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 *Peppermint Barks *. My family really enjoy these goodies, especially on Christmas eve, it’s a little yummy Christmas treat that I tend to wrap up and gift as an extra little treat to the aunts and uncles to have each year. A little goes a long way and this year, my neighbor’s will be getting some as well. The recipe is VERY easy and you can get extra creative with it in SO many fun ways.

*Artsy Ingredients Needed*

*** 8oz brown chocolate (your favorite) 8oz white chocolate 2 tsp vegetable oil, divided 1/2 tsp peppermint extract, divided candy canes or peppermint candies, crushed Round Plastic Molds

*Lets Whip Up Some Christmas Cheer*
To begin lightly grease (butter) some molds and set aside for your chocolate. (I made molds and

 regular barks as well ). Line up a baking sheet with parchments paper{clear out all wrinkles}.

Much Help Licking Up Chocolate!

Unwrap and place your candy canes into a zip lock bag and crush until broken down to very small chunks. You can sift out the candy dust and separate from chunks. Set aside. In a heat safe bowl, melt your brown chocolate and half your vegetable oil and stir after about every 30 seconds until fully melted. Add in your peppermint extract and mix. Divide into your molds evenly (use a spatula to spread around all the edges to fill your mold.). Set in fridge for about 30-60minutes until hard. Use the same method if you decide to make regular barks to break up as well. Spread your chocolate on parchment paper evenly lined onto baking sheet and refrigerate for about 30mins also.

Once your candy is ready, start the second coat off by repeating the process of heating up your white chocolate this time around. Once your chocolate is melted, mix in more mint. Sprinkle your candy dust over the now harden layer of dark chocolate (for a little fun middle surprise), carefully fill up your molds (add your white chocolate over the brown layer), spreading evenly very carefully, you can tap the mold to settle the chocolate into place. Sprinkle with your candy cane crushed pieces and repeat the process of setting in the fridge for another 30-60 minutes (Use this same process on your flat bark in baking pan). After your molds are ready, carefully tap the trays or wiggle a bit and remove your candy molds. You can grab your flat barks and break them up into fun pieces and serve.. You should end up with these very Merry and Jolly Christmas festive bark candy treats.. DELISH.. Jazz them up by wrapping them up and gifting them as Christmas treats.
They are perfect, colored just right to fit in at any very SPECIAL Christmas Soiree.. YUMMY.. How lovely..???!??
That’s it folks.. Hope these are inspiring and put a bit of Christmas cheer into your merry hearts. Give them a try, my children really enjoyed the chocolate and the crunchy peppermints. Little merry glimpse of Christmas filling up our home. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be here today! T’is really the most wonderful time of the year..
THANKS SO VERY MUCH GINGER!! I truly appreciate being here!! ** Wishing you all an amazing week & wonderful holidays **
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~Stay Artsy~

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