awards {and a winner!}

The winner of the personalized sippy cup giveaway was comment #1:
Our Crazy Bunch who said… I am a follower. And love this idea.
A couple of weeks ago I was honored
to receive The Versatile Blogger award from
Thank you so much, Amber!
{Sorry it’s taken me a little while to get it posted!}
And then last week Stephanie from Always Just a Mom
awarded me The Stylish Blogger Award.
{Me stylish??…my kids would think that’s so funny!}
Thank you so much, Stephanie!
Rules for both awards are very similar:
1. Thank & link back to the person who gave it to you.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Award 15 (10) newly discovered blogs you love.
So I’ve decided to combine them into this one post. Since this is a brand new blog & I have lots of new followers I guess this would be a good time to introduce myself to all of you. 🙂
So here it goes 7 things about myself:

1.  I’ve been married for almost 17 years to my college sweetheart, Clay.  He’s made me a happy girl.  He’s my best friend, & I love him so much! {Isn’t he handsome?}

2.  I’ve got 5 awesome & wonderful kiddos who I love, love, love, love & love. 🙂  There is nothing that brings me more joy {& sleepless nights} than being their mom. 

3. I’m the oldest of 7 children.  My sisters and brother are my best friends.  I love them all so much. I’ve got a pretty good mom & dad, too. 😉 I love my family! {My brother is not in this picture…he didn’t want to pose like us girls.} 🙂

4. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

5. I attended 4 different colleges {I know a little crazy.}  I finally graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a degree in Criminal Justice & Political Science.  I’m a stay at home mom so I don’t use my degree too often but it does come in handy on election night! ;){Yes, my kids better know what the 3 branches of government are!}

Election Day

6.  I love chocolate!  Don’t let me anywhere near a bag of hershey kisses…I will eat them all! :){Not kidding!}

picture from google images

7.  Obviously, since I do have my own craft blog…I do love to get creative & crafty.  I love making things for my home, family & friends….it’s so much fun!

{Centerpiece I helped make for my sister Abby’s wedding.}
15 {new to me} blogs I would like to 
award The Versatile Blogger & The Stylish Blogger Award are:
{Go check them out!}


Coming on Wednesday.
a brand new link party!
{I’m so excited!}
Don’t forget to check back!

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