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Hi, Ginger Snap Craft Readers! I’m Melanie, and I blog over at It Happens in a Blink. Ginger’s blog is one of the first ones that I began reading when I started blogging, so I am super excited to be here sharing a project today. Over at my blog I focus on recipes, crafts, and DIY projects that are easy and maximize the time of busy moms. As a mom of preschooler and a set of triplets, I’m limited on time and energy. I know that there are too many other moms out there who feel the same way. Even though I am a mother, I still want to fuel my creative side, and I want to encourage other ladies to do the same. To save time and money, I typically take my own photos of my children. But photo props can be expensive. For the triplets first birthday, I made a few fast photo props for their photo session. You may be surprised at how inexpensive {and ridiculously easy} this large Birthday Number Photo Prop is!



  • Foam board
  • At least 10 sheets of tissue paper
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Pen
  • X-acto knife/scissors

Start with an inexpensive piece of white foam board. I actually used a "scrap" piece of foam board– one that I have had for years that was beat up and gross looking. Since I was covering it up, it doesn’t matter what it looked like. Using a pen, draw an outline on the foam board of the desired number. I, of course, needed a number 1. I’m a terrible artist so it took me a few times to get the number outline that I wanted. Use the X-acto knife or scissors to cut out the number.

birthday number 2 
Lay the number aside and grab the tissue paper. Cut circles from the tissue paper (lots and lots of circles!) about three inches in diameter.

birthday number 3 
Take a tissue paper circle and pinch it in the center to create a flower type shape.

birthday number 4

Starting at the bottom of the number, hot glue the circle flower shape to the edge of the number. Continue this method across the bottom of the number.

birthday number 5
Continue up the rest of number until it is entirely filled in with the tissue paper flowers.

Foam Number Photo Prop from It Happens in a Blink
I had all of these materials at home, so this photo prop cost me nothing! For that price, it’s easy to make one for every birthday. Even if you don’t take your own photos, DIY one and take it to the next photo session for a unique picture. Like DIYing photo props? Make an Easter Egg Photo Prop sign or a Dance Photo Prop sign! I hope to see you over at my blog soon.


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