Good morning! I hope you been following along on my facebook page as I have been sharing different ways to light the world each day this month leading up to Christmas. Every day has a new theme & a new way to brighten someone’s life this holiday season. I know my family has been blessed as we have tried to light the world this year. You can find out more & download a calendar to put on your fridge over at It’s not too late to join! I am a den leader for a pack of crazy Cub Scouts at church. ha! So this year, I thought it would be fun to include them in a fun service project. This week we were able to make Blessing Bags for those that are hungry.

#lighttheworld Blessing Bags at


I know I’ve seen people holding up signs as we drive & shop around town asking for food or money. I thought it would be nice to keep a bag or two in my car. When I see someone in need, it will be easy to to hand them a bag & help lighten their load. Each of the boys were able to make one to take home. Then I challenged them to give the bag to someone in need over the Christmas break. I’m excited to hear how it goes!

Here’s how we set up our Light the World service project. We divided the food items out into baskets and set them on a table. We wrote of list of what to put inside each bag on the board.


Then all the boys had to do was grab a bag & fill them up.

#lighttheworld 12

My daughter was there to help with quality control. ha!

#lighttheworld 2

Some of the items we included were fruit bars, granola bars, hot chocolate packets, water bottles, fruit cups, applesauce, raisins and beef jerky.

#lighttheworld 11

The assembly line set up & list on the board really helped the boys focus on their task! That can be super hard for Cub Scouts to do, but they did awesome. haha! 😉 Here’s what our completed blessing bag looked like!

#lighttheworld 7

Now they are ready to #LightTheWorld! 🙂

#lighttheworld 6

Remember for more ways to Light the World visit
Looking for more ways to serve? Visit to find ways to serve in your local area.


#lighttheworld Blessing Bags at

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