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Today I’ve got a TWO super cute crafty gals to introduce you to!
You’ll LOVE what they are sharing today (perfect for back to school},
and you’ll LOVE their blog even more.
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Hello Hello!  We are jujuB!  Just two friends and neighbors who LOVE to craft. 
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We get together just to craft at least once a week. 
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Ok, I, Becky am a little crazy, and Juliana is what keeps us all together,
that’s why we are such a great team! 
We are so excited to be doing a blog swap with Ginger! 
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Today, we wanted to share this darling Color Book that Juliana came up with. 
Since school is started again–we figured this was a GREAT Back to School idea for the little ones. 🙂 
So check it out and remember to check out our blog at 
We are always up to something new and fun!
As I prepare to teach my little one preschool this year I wanted to make a fun color book that we could look at to review colors. Children learn so much better when you include more then one way of learning. For example show them a picture of a dinosaur (visual) then have them act out how to be a dinosaur (physical). So how do teach colors using different senses? Add TEXTURE!!!!! This color book is all about texture, so as your child is looking at the picture (visual) they can also feel different textures (tactile)! I made this great book using random stuff I found all around my house and I’m sure you have a lot of this stuff in your house, too!!
I had little color wands left over from our preschool curriculum last year so I cut up some old page protectors and sewed them on to make a pocket for the wand. Then I sewed on some super cute ribbon on the edges to make it cute. Then I sewed 2 pieces of paper together to hide the sewing and to make my pages more sturdy. Lastly, I just hot glued everything on the pages. I had a great color sticker book that I used a lot,
but you could also use pictures from a coloring book or picture book.

The ribbon was seriously my favorite thing about this book. Isn’t it awesome!!!


Yellow Page

Texture: yarn, a straw and a sponge!

Green Page

Texture: a left over piece of felt

Blue Page

Texture: Wands

Red Page

Texture: Ribbon

Orange Page

Texture: popsicle stick, bead, paper flower

Pink Page

Texture: buttons

Purple Page

Texture: pipe cleaner

Brown Page

Texture:  burlap

Black Page

Texture: lace

White Page

Texture: shoe lace

So cute!!  What a wonderful way to teach colors to your little ones!
{Thanks so much for sharing, ladies!}
Remember if YOU have a fabulous back to school idea, link it up {HERE}.

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