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butterfly garden fairies

Hello readers! I’m Molly from Just a Little Creativity, and I’m so happy to be here at Ginger Snap Crafts today to share my Butterfly Garden Fairy tutorial with you! Little girls and boys alike will have fun painting and creating their very own unique little fairy. This is a project for grown-ups and kids to work on together, not only making a craft but memories as well.


butterfly wings (free printable below)
craft paint in your color choices
markers or crayons
blue painters tape
wood peg people approx 3” (These are available at most craft stores or I purchased mine inexpensively at Craftparts.com.)


First, we’ll create the butterfly wings. Here’s your free butterfly wing image. You can simply copy, save, and paste this image into a word document, and print to size. 

Next, have your little ones color the wings. If you’d like one side to be black and white, make sure they only color one of the wings per pair.

To make sure you see the wings from both sides of your fairy doll, you will fold the image in half at just where the wings connect. Glue the two sides together. When it’s dry, cut out the wings along the side that is colored in. 

The reason you cut on colored size is just in case the two wings don’t line up just right when you cut and glue, you can use a black marker to simply trace over any white spaces that might be showing, and it won’t really show up or matter much on the black and white side.

While the glue on the wings dry, it’s time to paint your fairy doll.
First, prep your peg dolls. Using 1" blue painters tape, cut an oval (about the size of a quarter), being sure to leave one side flat. This flat side is where you will line up the head and neck, then press onto the doll. Doing this will make sure your fairy has a face.

Chose a few colors of paint that coordinate with the wings, and let your child have fun.

The paint doesn’t really take long to dry on the wood. When it is, remove blue tape. Don’t worry, the edges of the circle for the face probably won’t be quite "perfect" but that’s okay because it adds texture and character to the little fairy.

When everything is completely dry on the wings and the doll, place a line of glue onto the wings on the black and white side, and simply attach them to the backs of the dolls.

You’ll find that the wings will hold the doll still to lay flat so you can draw on eyes with a marker. A simple dot for each eye will do.

When the glue for the wings is dry, your child’s Butterfly Garden Fairy is ready for imaginative play! Obviously they’ll need to be a bit gently so they don’t tear the wings, but because they’re two layers thick they’re actually quite durable.

Thank you for letting me share this special project with you today. I hope you and your little one enjoy many hours of creative play with their very own unique Butterfly Garden Fairy!

Molly, those are too cute! My kiddos would love to make some of those!
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This project & post were created for Ginger Snap Crafts by Just a Little Creativity.

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