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Good morning! It’s summer time! Yay! Annnnd one of our favorite places to go when the kiddos aren’t in school is Pet Supplies Plus. Who doesn’t love a trip to the pet store? 😉 We are actually there quite often! We have two sweet kitties who love for us to go there, too! ha! We always save a bunch, and the workers are always so nice & helpful. Last week they even ask to if they could carry my things to the car. 🙂 Today I am excited to share this cute Cat Food Label with you that we made for our cat food storage container & a cute idea for their feed bowls, too. I’m sharing the cut files, so you can make them, too. Annnnnd I’m excited to share some of our kitties favorite treats from Purina® & Pet Supplies Plus. Let’s get started! 🙂

We discovered Pet Supplies Plus about a year ago. Annnnd we always have a blast each time we visit. The employees always take time to talk to us, the shelves are well stocked, and my kiddos especially love the kitty room at our Pet Supplies Plus. They have cats in there that you can love on & visit each time we go. We also joined their Preferred Pet Club, and that helps us save tons of money on our pet supplies. On our last trip we saved $10! So, if you have a Pet Supplies Plus in your neighborhood check it out! 🙂

Just like Pet Supplies Plus is committed in providing the perfect shopping experience for all your pet’s needs, you can count on Purina® as well. Pet Supplies Plus carries a full line of Purina® products. Purina® is committed to provide products especially for your pet (or pets!). You can really trust Purina® for all your cat’s food, treats & litter. It’s almost like their products are especially catered to you & your cat’s! I’m going to share some of our kitties’ favorite products. Buuuuut first let me introduce you to our cats. 🙂

Yes, I said cats! We have two! Annnnnd I’m glad we do! They are best friends (most of the time!). The kitty above is Jackie. We got her from a no kill animal shelter last year. She is the sweetest kitty, and let’s my kiddos tote her around all over the place. She doesn’t seem to mind at all! She loves to jump & chases just about anything. 🙂 Below is our other kitty, Stampie. She has a totally different personality than Jackie. She is a rough & tumble cat & will let you cuddle when she wants to, not when you want to! ha! We got her last year from some friends of ours whose cat had just had kittens. She’s a spunky one!

I think we made the purrfect match with our kitties. I’m sure you have with your cat, too! Our cats craves flavor, different textures & yummy food. Annnnd I know that I want food that is made just for them, that doesn’t cost a fortune & litter that helps keep everything smelling nice & fresh. Why not satisfy both of us with an amazing selection of Purina® food, litter and lots more at Pet Supplies Plus? It’s definitely the purrfect match!

Since both of our kitties are adults now. We recently switched to Purina® Cat Chow® Complete Adult Dry Cat Food. On most days this is what we feed them. Annnnd they love it! 🙂

Purina® Cat Chow® Complete Adult Dry Cat Food is especially formulated for adult cats like ours. It has high-quality protein to help maintain strong muscles, & it has lots of healthy carbs to help deliver vital energy. It’s wholesome ingredients have 25 vitamins & minerals to support your kitty’s over all health which includes supporting a healthy immune system, as well. Annnnd by the way my cats’ eyes light up at feeding time. You can tell that they think Purina® Cat Chow® Complete Adult Dry Cat Food tastes great! 🙂

We store our dry cat food in a container with a lid to keep it fresh. Annnnd we wanted to make a cute label for it, & we wanted to personalize their food bowls, too. My kiddos (& cat!) even helped out with this project. Let me show you how easy it was to do. 🙂

For these projects you will need:
pet food container (this is just a trash can that came with a lid)
feed bowls (I found these at Pet Supplies Plus.)
permanent outdoor vinyl (black, green, orange & white)
transfer tape
this cut file for the cat food container
this cut file for the bowls

You’ll want to use permanent outdoor vinyl to make these labels. This stuff is tough, and you won’t have to worry about it coming off later on.

First, you’ll wash & dry your lid. You don’t want any dust or dirt on it. Then you’ll apply the first layer of vinyl.

You simply rub it on, & then gently remove the transfer tape leaving the label behind. Next we layered the black whiskers right on top using the same method.

All done! Isn’t it cute? 😉

Next, we personalized their bowls with vinyl. Remember you can grab the cut file here.

Stampie even tried to help! ha! 😉

Then we filled our container with the Purina® Cat Chow® Complete Adult Dry Cat Food.

Drop in a scoop & replace the lid, and you are in business. 🙂

Alright, another favorite of our kitties is the Purina® Friskies® Party Mix® Crunch Chicken Lovers Cat Treats. These crispy & crunchy bites are made with real chicken. It’s actually the very first ingredient featured on the ingredients list. They are a low calorie treat for your kitties, and they come in a resealable bag so they are always fresh & crunchy. 🙂

Purina® Friskies® Party Mix® Crunch Chicken Lovers Cat Treats are also fortified with essential vitamins & minerals. They are fun-shaped treats that are great for tossing (so your kitty can jump for it!), & they are easy to grab with their paws, too! Annnnd I love the name because it’s definitely a party when we bring the treats out. Our kitties love them! 🙂

    I also wanted to let you know about one more product we grabbed at Pet Supplies Plus! Purina® Tidy Cats® Free & Clean Unscented LightWeight Litter is a must. Our kitties are outdoor cats, but most nights we bring them inside our shed. Annnnd we learned the hard way that they can’t hold it the whole night. Don’t ask! 😉 Anyways, since then we have been using the Purina® Tidy Cats® Free & Clean Unscented LightWeight Litter in a litter box inside the shed. It has odor-absorbing activated charcoal, & our shed is smelling so much better. Annnnd the clean up is a lot easier. 😉 It also features TidyLock technology to lock away odors, & it comes with Ammonia Blocker to prevent ammonia odor for at least 2 weeks when used as directed. Awesome, right? 🙂

    What are some of your favorite Purina® products from Pet Supplies Plus? Which aisle to you browse the most? We love aisle 6. ha! If you haven’t been, be sure to swing by Pet Supplies Plus the next time you are out & about. Your cat will thank you for it! 🙂

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