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cleaning with vinegar

So how’s your weekend going so far?  Great, I hope!  Our weekend has been wet & rainy annnnd COLD. So we are not going outside or doing too much around here. So that means we’ve had time to do a little cleaning. Yay! Anybody else get a little excited about cleaning? ha! I’ve always tried to use as much green cleaning ideas as I can, & I’ve tried to use chemical-free cleaning products as much as possible around our home.  I usually try to buy the premade green cleaning products you can find in the cleaning aisle, but they can get pretty expensive.  I recently heard about the new Heinz Cleaning Vinegar which is now available at Walmart.  As soon as I heard about it I googled cleaning with vinegar, & I found TONS of ways you can use vinegar to make cleaning solutions to use around the house.  Who knew?  So I headed to Walmart to pick up some Heinz Cleaning Vinegar. {TIP: At Walmart the #HeinzVinegar is the vinegar section not the cleaning section!}

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

After reading up on vinegar I learned that vinegar is non-toxic, healthy and an eco-friendly product .  It really is a great cleaning alternative to use over harsh chemicals that may not be healthy for your family. Here are a few tips & tricks I tried out using vinegar.

First up I used the Heinz Cleaning Vinegar to deodorize & clean our garbage disposal.  You know how nasty those can get.  Yuck!  {I found this natural cleaning tip here.}  To do this you just freeze full-strength vinegar into ice cubes in your freezer.


Then you put them down your garbage disposal while its on & flush with cold water at the same time.  Our disposal really did smell better after I tried this.  Thumbs up!

cleaning your garbage disposal with vinegar

Now this next tip I learned from my friend, Laura.  She “fixed” some scratches in her kitchen cabinets with vinegar & oil. She had recently posted about this on facebook, and she said that she had found the tip on Pinterest. I did some research & found the source of the pin over at the blog Lily & Thistle.

scratches fixed with vinegar and olive oil

To do this you mix 3/4 cup of olive oil and 1/4 cup of vinegar together.  Then use a rag & wipe & rub a thin layer onto your cabinets.  Your scratches will disappear!  I don’t even know how this works but it did!  I don’t think it would work with really deep scratches, but we had some small scratches around the drawers in our kitchen.  They are not completely gone, but they are way less noticeable.  On the left you can see the before and on the right is the after. Amazing!  Thumbs up!

cleaning tile grout with vinegar

Now I usually don’t air my dirty grout in public ha!, buuut this was a huge problem in our kitchen.  Can you say ewwww???  Our grout was super dirty especially in the areas by the kitchen sink & refrigerator.  Look at that before & after.  Wow!

cleaning tile with #HeinzVinegar

For this healthy cleaning tip I used the full strength vinegar.  I poured it on my grout, and then let it sit for a few minutes.  Then I used an old toothbrush & scrubbed!  The results were amazing.  Anyone want to come help me finish? ha! Thumbs up!

cleaning windows with vinegar and water

The one job all my kids LOVE to do is cleaning the windows!  So I love that vinegar is healthy and natural so I don’t have to worry as much when my little helpers want to help out!  To make this window cleaner I just mixed 5 cups water and 1 cup vinegar.  It didn’t work quite as well as regular window cleaner.  I might need to experiment with a few more “recipes”. You had to put a little more effort into it to get it streak free, but for the price & the piece of mind that I wasn’t letting my kids use harsh chemical I think it was worth trying out.  Mostly thumbs up!

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar can be used for so many more things from getting sticky stuff off, cleaning your oven, as a degreaser, mopping floors, deodorize and removing odors, cleaning your microwave, polishing brass & copper, getting out carpet stains & much more.  I can’t wait to try out more cleaning methods to see how well they work!

Do you try to use natural products like #HeinzVinegar when you clean?
Do you have any tips for using vinegar to clean?
Let me know I’d love to try them out!

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