{cute & simple} Thanksgiving Décor & What I’m Thankful For

Thanksgiving Decor with PSA Essentials

Yesterday on the PSA Stamp Camp Blog,
Libby listed some of the things that she is thankful for.
She asked the question “What are you thankful for?”

So that got me thinking about what I was thankful for.
So I made my own thankful list to share with you today.

Oh & while you read my list enjoy this super easy craft
I made using some of my PSA Essential stamps!

What am I thankful for?

1. I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows me.
I am thankful for His Gospel, and the blessings it brings to my family.

2. I am thankful for my wonderful husband, Clay!  He supports me in all my crazy ideas & plans!
He is a wonderful provider!  I am so thankful that he has a job that he loves & that allows us to live comfortably.  I love his smile! I love our family, home & the life we have created together.

3. I am thankful for my oldest son, Zach.  He has grown up into such a handsome young man!
He is so talented.  He is a great example to everyone around him. He is fearless!
We always tell him that he is extraordinary!  It is so true…he is! 😉

4. I am thankful for my daughter, Cailey.  She is strong, feisty & bold.
She isn’t scared of anything, and will tackle just about any challenge.
She is friendly & outgoing!  She is beautiful inside & out! She is dependable & responsible.

5. I am thankful for my son, Rylan.  He can run faster & jump higher than any kid I know!
He’s a little daredevil.  I love his great big eyes! He is athletic & fun! He’s my sweetie!
He’s a great big brother to his younger brother, Cole.  I love to see him helping Cole.

PSA essential stamps up close

6. I am thankful for my daughter, Cara.  She is so creative!
She is always drawing or making something.  Her creations are everywhere!
{Annnd don’t “accidently” throw one away…that could be really, really bad! Oops!!}
I told her she can take over my craft blog when she’s older. She agreed! 😉

7. I am thankful my son, Cole.  He is the funniest, craziest kid I know!
He doesn’t walk anywhere…he is always running from the time he gets up!
He is sweet & cuddly.  He’ll always be my baby boy! I’m so thankful for the one on one time we get together during the day while all the big kids are in school!  He’s my little sidekick!

8.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be a wife & mother.
It’s definitely the hardest & most rewarding job ever ~ all at the same time.

9. I am thankful for my mom & dad, my 5 sisters & 1 brother.
Yep, I came from a big family! They were all my best friends growing up & still are!
I am so excited that I’ll be able to see most of them in a few weeks! Yay! I can’t wait!
I am also thankful for my in-laws!  They are best, & they have help us so much!
My kiddos have the best 2 sets of grandparents any kid could have!

10.  I am so thankful for my friends!  I have some of the best friends in the entire world!
I’m not biased or anything! ha! 😉 I have everyday friends, long time friends & those I have
made from blogging!  You all know who you are! Thank you for being there for me.

Give Thanks with PSA Essentials

What are you thankful for?

Thank you so much stopping by my blog!
If this is your first time visiting I’d love to keep in touch.

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I am a member of the PSA Essentials Design Team. I received the stamp set & the stamping supplies I used for this project & post from PSA Essentials. For more great ideas on how to use these amazing stamps visit PSA Stamp Camp blog. I would also encourage you to become a facebook fan of PSA Essentials for great deals on PSA personalized and Peel & Stick stamps, plus they have frequent giveaways. Yay!

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