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Hi, I’m Andrea from Decorating Cents.  On my blog, I share my home decorating adventures and DIY projects. 


It’s a pleasure to be joining Ginger on Christmas Break.  Today I am going to share my easy Advent Calendar.  My daughter is really into Christmas this year.  She spots every Christmas tree when we’re out and is asking for every toy she sees on TV.  Since this is the first time she seems to be interested in the holiday, we wanted a way for her to count down the days.  I decided an advent would give her something to look forward to each day.

Supplies used:
foam core board
scrapbook paper
glue stick

1. Cut scrapbook paper into 4 inch squares. 
2. Fold 1/2 inch on 3 sides.  The pocket ends up being 3×3.5″.
3. Glue pockets onto foam core board.
4. Cut 1 inch circles, label with numbers, and glue onto squares.

Fill your pockets with activity cards or small gifts for each day.  This is an easy way count down the days with the family. I would love for you to drop by Decorating Cents to see some of my other projects.

Thanks Ginger for letting me spend Christmas Break with you.  Happy Holidays everyone!


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