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Good morning! It seems like we are always switching rooms or redecorating every couple of months at our house! Annnnnnd my kiddos love to get involved in the whole process from picking out the theme to helping create and decorate their space. I am so glad that my handy Cricut Joy along with Cricut Smart Materials make this process simple, easy & fun! My youngest son has had a dinosaur themed room for the last several years. He recently switched rooms with his brother. So it was time for a little refresh! He helped me create this fun, colorful DIY Dinosaur Wallpaper along with some matching décor all with our Cricut Joy & Smart Materials. Let me show you how! 🙂

For this project you will need:
Cricut Joy
Cricut Smart Vinyl (blue, orange, yellow, green & brown)
Cricut Transfer Tape
Cricut Smart Iron-on (orange)
Cricut EasyPress 2
Cricut EasyPress Mat
Cricut Joy tools
17×17 inch cotton pillow cover
this Design Space file (wallpaper)
this Design Space file (pillow)

Before we get to that project, let me tell you why you *need* a Cricut Joy in your life. 😉 What I love most about the Cricut Joy is that you can easily personalize, organize & create on your kitchen counter, at the coffee table in the living room or in your kiddos’ bedroom on the floor or just about anywhere. We literally sat on the floor & cut out the dinosaurs for my son’s wall. This little machine is so portable!

The second reason that I love the Joy so much has to be Cricut Smart Materials. With the Cricut Joy & Smart Materials you can make mat-free projects (yes, mat free!) and long cuts (up to 20 feet!). So it’s easy peasy to whip out lots of dinosaurs in a small amount of time. Love that! You will love it, too!

OK….now on to the project!

First, we cut out all the dinosaurs using Cricut Smart Vinyl. We did one accent wall in my son’s room, and we needed about 3 rolls of each color to have enough dinosaurs. Of course, if you space them further out than we did you could get away with using less vinyl.

These dinosaurs were so easy to weed since they were all pretty simple shapes. 🙂 By the way, weeding simply means removing the excess vinyl from your cuts leaving your vinyl decals behind.

I set the dinosaurs aside for now, & then I cut the iron-on I needed for our dinosaur track pillow. Smart Materials also comes in iron-on. So again, I didn’t need to use a mat to cut out the dinosaur tracks as well.

Then again I removed the excess iron-on leaving my design behind.

Using the Cricut Heat Guide, I was able to set my Cricut EasyPress 2 to just the right settings for the materials I was working with. For cotton and everyday iron-on I set my EasyPress to 315 degrees. Preheated my fabric for a few seconds, laid down my design & then applied gentle pressure for 30 seconds, then flipped and did another 15 seconds on the back.

After my design was completely cooled, I gently removed the backing sheet leaving the design behind.

I set that aside, and now it was time to hang some dinosaurs! I used transfer tape to do this. Since these designs are so big & simple you could also just peel them like stickers and apply them to the wall that way as well. 🙂

You could really plan this out and space them evenly. Buuuut we just went for it! haha! Measuring is not my thing. My son actually helped me apply all these little guys to the wall. We just tried to space out the colors the best we could. 🙂

Check out our colorful & fun dinosaur room! 🙂

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Do you kiddos like to help decorate their rooms? Let me know! 🙂

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