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Hello! Hello! I just sent all of my kiddos to school this morning. Yes….all of them! Eek! I’m not sure what to do with myself. Annnnd did I mention I have a kindergartener & a senior this year!? I *might* need a few days to recover! So in the meantime….check out this DIY Shelf & Coat Rack tutorial. Enjoy! 🙂

DIY Shelf & Coat Rack at #DIY   #shelf

I love having a mini mudroom at each entrance inside our house. I have a total of 3 of those now. 🙂 I have 5 kiddos, & they have tons of stuff! By each door I have hooks, a storage bench & a basket or two to collect all of their belongings in. It works much better than the floor! haha! In the past year we added an extra living space off the kitchen in the back of our house. We have a huge patio door that leads to our deck in that room. Here’s the before picture. Can you spot my DIY Herb Garden outside the door? It’s now a strawberry garden. 🙂 Anyways ~ I needed to add a spot right here to collect all their gear. Especially in the winter when they come in & out from the snow. This will be the perfect spot to hang all their coats, hats & scarfs.

house addition

You’ll need a few supplies:

  • 1×8 board
  • 1×2 board
  • base trim
  • table saw
  • wood glue
  • wood screws
  • hooks
  • white caulk
  • paint & roller brush
  • blue painter’s tape
  • leveler
  • tape measure
  • sander & sandpaper
  • clamps
  • stud finder
  • wood filler

coat rack shelf supplies

I made my shelf/coat rack just the right size to span the whole opening. I wanted it to look like it was made to go there. 😉 Yours might be bigger or smaller. So first, cut the boards to fit your space. Next, screw the 1×4 to the top edge of your 1×8 with wood screws.

coat rack shelf

Then using wood glue attach the base trim underneath your 1×2 shelf.

coat rack tutorial

Clamp & let dry. We waited over 24 hours. (In this picture you can see how we screwed in the top board.) Sand if needed.

wall shelf

The next step is a two person job. Find your studs & using a level screw your shelf into the wall studs with heavy duty wood screws. This shelf is not coming down anytime soon, & it will be able to hold a ton of stuff.

coat rack hanging up

The next step is my favorite! I love caulking. Strange, I know! haha! Buuuut it makes all the difference. It really gives your shelf that built in look. So I had fun caulking all the edges & cracks. Make sure you caulk along the wall on both sides & caulk anywhere two pieces of wood meet. Caulk everything! Let dry.

coat rack caulking

Before you paint your shelf fill the spots where the screws are with wood filler. Let dry & then sand smooth. I didn’t worry about covering the wood screw on the very top where we had screwed the 1×2 to the 1×8 since you can’t see them. So don’t worry about them unless you are really, really tall & can see them or just want them covered. 😉 Then paint your shelf with trim paint. Let dry.

coat rack paint

The last thing we did was attach our hooks. I found these hooks online at Hobby Lobby for half off. I picked up 5 hooks for 5 kiddos. Did you notice I painted the room a different color, too? I tend to paint a lot around my house. Nothing is safe! haha! 🙂 (This color is Mocha Accent from Behr.)

DIY entry way shelf #shelf #coatrack

How do you control the clutter around your entry way?
I’d love to hear. Leave a comment below. 🙂

DIY coat rack

entry way wall shelf & coat rack tutorial at

DIY Shelf & Coat Rack at #DIY   #shelf

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