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Hello! Hello! We are so excited! Tomorrow morning we head out on Spring Break. Annnnd it’s the Grand Canyon or bust this year! Eek! Each time we take a family road trip I pack a travel bag filled with goodies to entertain my kiddos on the way. It’s something they look forward to each year. Annnd this year I tucked a surprise inside ~ Mr. Sketch™ scented crayons. Eek! So let me show you how I made this DIY Travel Bag, & I also have some more ideas of what to bring on family road trips to keep the kiddos (& you) happy. 😉 So let’s get started!

DIY Travel Bag for Kids at GingerSnapCrafts.com

Mr. Sketch

In a few more minutes I’ll give you some more ideas of what to include in your kid’s travel bag. Buuuut first, I couldn’t wait to show you these new Mr. Sketch Scented Twistable Crayons™. Do you remember Mr. Sketch™ scented markers from back in the day? I loved them! Annnnd I am so excited to share Mr. Sketch™ with my kiddos. They add so much fun, color & creativity to my kiddos’ artwork. Plus having something that smells good inside the car is a good thing for a road trip! Just saying! ha! 😉

Mr, Sketch Scented Gel Crayons

Ok….now let me show you how I made this cute bag. 🙂

You’ll need a few supplies:
canvas bag*
heat transfer vinyl
digital cutter (like a Silhouette or Cricut) 
iron & ironing board
lots of fun goodies to pack in your bag

*I picked up this canvas tote bag for just a few dollars at Hobby Lobby. Use a coupon!

canvas bag craft

First, I cut out the car & my son’s name, Cole using heat transfer vinyl. Don’t forget to reverse the images before you cut it out.

travel ideas with kidsiron on transfer tutorial

Using a hot iron you will press the image onto your bag. Place a pillowcase over it to protect the heat transfer. Do not iron directly on top of your heat transfer. Let cool. Then slowly lift off the backing paper leaving the cute image behind & you’re done. Now the fun part! You get to fill the bag with lots of fun things for your kiddo to do on your road trip.

Mr. Sketch Crayons

My kiddos are little artists. They LOVE to draw. So the first thing I always pack are some crayons. I love these Mr. Sketch™ Scented Crayons. They go on smooth, are easy to twist up & down, you don’t have to worry about having to stop & sharpen them & they smell yummy. I love that they come in a thick plastic body. You don’t have to worry about the kiddos breaking crayons all over the car. Yay! (Not that we have happened before or anything. ha!)

gel crayon

I so wish this computer screen was scratch ‘n sniff! Close your eyes & breath in deep. Do you smell the watermelon, orange, banana & grape scents? Which scent is your favorite? You’ll have to leave a comment below. I’m an apple girl myself. ha!

Scented Crayons

Some other things to include in their travel bag ~ paper, clipboard (makes a great writing surface), puzzles, stickers, coloring books, snacks, electronics, books, disposable camera, small toys, extra batteries & spiral notebooks for journaling.

travel bag for kidstravel bag for kids

What would you include in a travel bag for your kiddos?
Let me know in the comments below. 🙂
Annnnd don’t forget to tell me your favorite Mr. Sketch™ scent! 🙂

DIY Travel Bag for Kids at GingerSnapCrafts.com

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