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Hi all!  I’m Emily from Domestic Deadline, my little piece of the bloggy world where I show off my crafts and other projects that get in the way of me actually keeping a tidy house…  I’d love for you to stop by and visit.

I don’t know about you, but the holiday season has just flown by.  My mind raced with projects and pinterest only added to the list (is there a 12 step program for this addiction yet?).  One of my on going goals is to only keep the decorations that are sentimental and if I get something new, to either make it or buy it hand made by someone else.  So, while I got rid of a few Christmas decorations this year, I of course had to make some new ones.  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite ones this year.  Oh, and I try to only use craft supplies I have on hand since they are burring me alive!

I love to crochet and have been making tons and tons of hats this year. 
Since there is always scraps left over, this pillow was the perfect way to use
some up and pull the colors of my first floor together.

Linwood Park in Vermillion, Ohio is my FAVORITE place in the world.  I collected drift wood from there this past summer.  This isn’t at all what I had planned when I got to work, but I’m thrilled with how it turned out, plus it looks great on my “mantle.”

My “mantle” is the top of our entertainment center, we don’t have a fire place.  Our house is short on space, so multitasking is a must… and most of these trees were made for other holidays.  Since we have a lot of teal/turquoise in my house, it was fun to make it work for the holidays too.
I hope you’ll stop by and check out some of my other projects.  2012 is going to be an exciting year, I’ve got big plans and you’re invited!  May your holidays be merry and bright.

Peace be with you,

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