Easter is on it’s way! #Hallelujah

Good morning! Next Sunday we will be celebrating Easter! So I wanted to pop in real quick to share some ideas that help me (& maybe you, too) focus more on the Savior this week. I love what my friend, Amanda is doing over on her Instagram account. Each year she does a 14 Day Walk with Christ series, and this year it is all on Instagram. Be sure to check it out this week sometime. It’s not too late to jump in & follow along. You can do that right {HERE}. I love how it helps me focus more on the Savior instead of chocolate bunnies & how many Easter eggs I need to hide! 😉


I also love the #Hallelujah campaign from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (my church!). Their challenge is to post a picture on social media of a loved one that has passed away & whom you are anxious to see again! Be sure to hashtag the picture with #Hallelujah. For me that special person is my Grandmother Ault.


My Grandmother LOVED celebrating, & she especially loved Easter (& Christmas). Each year she would have a huge Easter Egg Hunt for all of her grandchildren with hundreds of eggs. I think it got bigger & bigger each year! ha! We loved looking for the golden egg, finding money in our eggs & our favorite part was finding the confetti eggs! We would chase each other around trying to bust eggs on each other’s heads! ha! Our family continues this tradition today. Oh how I miss my Grandmother!
confetti eggs

I am so thankful that because of my Savior, Jesus Christ I will see my Grandmother & all of my grandparents & loved ones that have passed away again. Oh what a joyous reunion that will be! I am so grateful for Heavenly Father’s plan & that our families can be together forever #becauseofHim. For more information on what we believe & how to get a copy of my favorite book go {HERE}.


I hope you enjoy this video. I hope you’ll think about sharing. 🙂

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