Felt Flower Collage by Small Things with Love {contributor}

Hello Ginger Snap Craft readers.  I am Nancy from Small Things with Love and I am so so so thrilled that Ginger is allowing me to share with you today.  At the beginning of the summer I found out that I would be on the summer contributor team, and the time has finally arrived for me to share with you.  Yay!
First of all, just a little about me.  I am a busy mom of two, both in diapers.  Before staying home, I taught high school English, and on my blog I share about all things crafty, family, faith-filled and beautiful.  One of the things I love to craft with most is felt.  Felt is wonderful because it comes in so many different colors, and there are never any seams to finish or places that could fray.  It is the lazy, time-pressed crafter’s best friend–and that pretty much sums up the way I craft!
The project I have to share with you today is a collage of embroidery hoops.  Together with these simple felt flowers, they make beautiful wall decor.  And, here’s how ya do it!
Supplies Needed:
  • Embroidery Hoops in Various Sizes
  • Neutral Colored Fabric, for Background
  • Felt–purple for flowers and green for leaves.
  • Embroidery Thread and Needle
  • Hot Glue Gun
The How To here is pretty easy.  The only thing that might need some explanation is the flowers themselves. 
  • For making the flowers, first cut 5 pedal shapes, with a rounded top and flat bottom. 
  • Then, take your needle and thread and stitch one long stitch through the bottom of each pedal. 
  • Do this through each pedal, making sure as you go that all of the pedals are laying the same way.
  • Next, go back to the first pedal and stitch through that once again.  This will create a loose loop of pedals.
  • Finally, gently pull the string tight.  This will fold each pedal in half.  Once you are satisfied with how the flower looks, stitch through the back until it is held firmly in place.

From here the project is simple.  Repeat the process making flowers until you have the desired amount. Then, cut some leaves out of green felt.  Arrange the flowers and leaves on the three embroidery hoops and glue everything down with hot glue.

It’s a simple project with high impact!

Thanks so much to Ginger for having me.  It was an honor. 

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Nancy, those are beautiful!
Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂
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This project & post were created for Ginger Snap Crafts by Small Things with Love.

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