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Hello! Happy Friday! Summer is here! Yay! My kiddos got out of school on Wednesday. Eek! I am so excited. Annnnd we can’t wait to hit the pool (after the rain stops!). We always carry a ton of stuff down to our neighborhood pool. So we were in serious need of a huge pool bag to hold all of our swim gear. Today I would love to show you how I made this super cute Flip Flop Pool Bag using layered heat transfer vinyl from the fabulous Happy Crafters. So keep reading, & I’ll show you how you can make one, too. It’s easy! 🙂

You’ll need a few supplies to get started:
heat transfer vinyl (I used this Blue Hawaii floral print & this Pink Cosmopolitan one.)
canvas tote
iron & ironing board
this image from the Silhouette online store

The biggest tip about working with heat transfer vinyl is to make sure you load your vinyl pattern side down. You’ll also need to reverse your image before you cut it because you are cutting your design backwards. This is super important if you have words in your design. Basically it cuts just like regular vinyl. You’ll weed out the excess heat transfer vinyl leaving your design behind. Then you’ll place your heat transfer vinyl on your tote. Make sure you leave the backing paper on.
Using a hot iron (no steam!) you’ll press down 20-30 seconds at a time until you’ve have ironed over your entire design. Put a scrap piece of material over your design to help protect your image.
You’ll also need to iron on the reverse side of the bag. Pressing down on the iron 20-30 seconds at a time again until you have ironed over the entire design.
Let cool. Then check to see if your vinyl has adhered to the fabric. If it hasn’t yet, repeat the ironing process until it does.
To layer my heat transfer vinyl I just laid the pink straps of my flip flops right on top of my design. Then I repeated the same ironing process until they had adhered to the design as well.
I repeated the steps again with another pair of flip flops on the other pocket of my tote. Cute!
The only thing left to do was to fill our bag & head to the pool. 😉
Are you ready for summer? Have you headed to the pool yet?
I’d love to hear. Leave a comment below!
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