front door {before & after + an easy wreath tutorial}

paint door

I LOVE to paint.  In the 4 years since we bought our house our front door has been
white, black and most recently a deep brown!  Annnnd I recently got the itch to paint again.
This time I stepped out of my neutral comfort zone & went a little CrAzY! 😉
Well, not too crazy… I chose Red Delicious by Glidden AND I love it! Yay for color! 

While I was at it I also made a wreath for our front door, too!


It was super easy & only cost me $5.00!  I bought the wreath at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon, & I also bought a wood plaque there, too for a couple of bucks.  I won the vinyl & fabric from Lolly Jane awhile back so that didn’t cost me anything.  I had the ribbon, paint, wire & little clothes pins already!  Yay!  Love cheap but CUTE projects!


Vine Wreath from Hobby Lobby
Scrap Material
Wood Plaque
Small Clothes Pins

IMG_0553  IMG_0557  IMG_0558  IMG_0559

I painted my clothes pins & plaque.  Let them dry. 
Then I applied the vinyl Welcome lettering.
Drilled two small holes on both ends of my Welcome plaque.
Through one of the small holes of my plaque I threaded
some wire around the wreath then up through the other hole.

IMG_0560  IMG_0562  IMG_0563  IMG_0566 

Then I twisted the wire around a couple of times. 
Then I curled the loose ends around a pencil so they’d be cute & curly.
Then I tied my ribbon across the top of my wreath with the knots hidden in the back.

IMG_0568    IMG_0570    IMG_0573

Cut some pennants out of my fabric using my pattern from Lolly Jane
Then I used the clothes pins to attach the pennants to the ribbon.

IMG_0604    IMG_0602    IMG_0587

Since it was going to be outside I put a layer of mod podge over my vinyl Welcome sign. 
Just in case! 🙂  Then I hung the wreath on the door….that’s it…easy!


Hope YOU are having a happy Monday!
Are YOU ready for Thanksgiving???

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