Front Yard Cemetery from Michele @ Shelstring {guest blogger}

Hi everybody! I’m so excited to do my first EVER guest post
here at one of my very favorite blogs, Ginger Snap Crafts!

My name is Michele and I’m visiting from my blog, Shelstring.

Though my site originates in behalf of my jewelry line, I love to share all the creative things I’m doing. So today I want to share our family’s favorite Halloween decoration of all time and tell you how to make a set of your own!

Our front yard cemetery completes Halloween decorating for my children, and though I made them several years ago, how it all transpired is quite fresh in my mind: 

First I collected these scrap boards from a couple building sites near our house. Since they were scraps, the builders were glad for us to take them off their hands. First I grabbed varied sizes and shaped them. some rectangle, some rounded top, and others just mitered top edges. Then I painted them all an acrylic cement gray color. 

Next I sponged 2 or three other colors all over to give it a marbleized look and, with a neighbor, created some fun memorials. We got quite silly and had a lot of fun!
Next I placed a stake in the center of the back, and used wood screws
to attach them with a screw gun. For reinforcement, I also used a nail gun.
It would seem that since they are stakes, all you would need is a hammer. Not so, through my experience, I’ve found that the best way to secure them is to hammer a hand shovel into the ground, then driving the sign into the ready made hole.

You have your very own cemetery.


Just don’t be surprised when you look out your window and see random people staring, pointing, and or laughing as they either walk or drive past your house. It happens all the time over here!

I wish I could show you what it looks like at night
with the strobe light and fog machine on. 
It’s pretty affective. 😉

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Thank you Ginger and everyone, so much for letting me share this fun with you!
I hope you will stop by and visit, and if you do, let me know you were over so I can visit you, too! I absolutely love to see all the things you have going on around here in blogland!

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