Getting Creative with Allessimo 3D Puzzles

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Good morning! With more time at home over the past year, I am always looking for a fun family activity to do with the kiddos that doesn’t involve screen time or video games or watching TV. So, when I came across Allessimo reality puzzle kits, I knew that my kiddos would love them.  I love activities that let my kiddos use their creativity & hands to create something amazing! Let me show you how fun getting creative with Allessimo 3D puzzles is for the whole family. 🙂

Allessimo puzzles are the perfect way for the families to get together & work on something fun as a family! I was so impressed with how well my kiddos constructed these 3D model puzzles, and they were super proud of themselves, too.  The Allessimo puzzles come in two varieties, paint kits & modeling clay kits.

My 11 year old picked the 3D painting lion puzzle to make first. He loves animals, and he couldn’t wait to get started! Everything you need to make the puzzle comes right in the box, along with detailed instructions & even a link to video instructions, if your kiddos are more visual.

You simply follow the instructions, and assemble your puzzle piece by piece. It was challenging for him, but not overwhelming. I love when my kiddos have to stretch their minds, and figure things out. 🙂

He loved watching his lion come to life! I did, too. 😉

After everything was assembled, he painted his lion using paint & a paint brush that came with the kit.

Roar! Didn’t that turn out fun? He has it setting on his school desk right now. 🙂

The other variety of 3D puzzle uses wunder clay & a wood frame to bring your 3D puzzle to life. My daughter loves bunnies (and any kind of clay!), so the burrow bunny puzzle was perfect for her.

For this puzzle, she used the QR code from Allessimo that you can scan for step by step video instructions.

You assemble all the pieces, then instead of painting you use the clay to bring your animal to life.

My daughter loves clay! She really enjoyed making her bunny 3D puzzle!

Everything was included even the eyes & material to make the scarf! Isn’t it cute?

I loved watching my kiddos created these amazing puzzles. It was a fun afternoon spent as a family away from electronics. Does it get any better than that? I think not! 🙂 My kiddos are already planning on what puzzle they want to do next. If you want a fun activity for the whole family, remember to click this link to get 15% off your very own Allessimo puzzles today!

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