Glass Etching using your Silhouette {tutorial}

This post is brought to you by Silhouette.

Last week I told you about the Silhouette Glass Etching promotion, kicked it off with a giveaway and if your name is Susan you have won a Silhouette Portrait™! Eek! Congratulations! I’ve sent you an email & need to hear back from you soon! 😉

Since last week’s post I was able to get my hands on a Silhouette Glass Etching Starter Kit! (Don’t forget the Glass Etching Starter Kits are on sale when you use the code GINGERSNAP!) So. much. fun. Really the possibilities are endless with this one! Now I want to etch everything in the house! haha! 🙂 For my first project I decided to etch this glass bowl that I bought for a couple of dollars, & now it looks sooooo fancy! Keep reading to see how easy this is to do! 🙂

Glass Etching Tutorial with Silhouette #gingersnapcrafts #tutorial #spon

You are not going to believe how easy glass etching is!

Everything you need for this project will be inside the Glass Etching Starter Kit. Inside the kit you will receive:

    • Etching cream (2 fl oz)
    • Stencil vinyl (9 in x 3 ft)
    • Transfer tape (9 in x 3 ft)
    • Silhouette hook
    • Silhouette scraper
    • 10 exclusive etching designs
    • Instructional DVD
    • Idea/Instruction book

glass etching tutorial #spon #tutorial #gingersnapcrafts 
First you will cut out your design in vinyl with your Silhouette. I found this fun Chevron pattern in the Silhouette online store. The Glass Etching Starter Kit also comes with some free downloads that are perfect for glass etching!

vinyl stencil #spon

Then I gathered my supplies. I couldn’t wait for my glass etching kit to arrive so I used some old glass etching cream I already had. You’ll also need some rubber gloves. You don’t want to get the etching cream on your hands. I used the alcohol pads to clean the outside of my bowl before I got started.


I cut my vinyl design apart into strips, & then I put them around my bowl. Just by luck they fit perfectly! Yay! Make sure you smooth out any bubbles in your vinyl stencil! You don’t want the etching cream oozing under anything! In this picture you can tell I have a few bubbles to smooth out first! haha! 🙂

glass etching #spon

Etching cream is pretty tough stuff. You don’t want it touching anything you don’t want etched. So to be on the safe side I used some painter’s tape to block off the space between my vinyl stencil that I didn’t want etched.

glass etching with your Silhouette #spon

Now it was time to etch! You’ll apply the cream evenly & liberally over your vinyl stencil. Leave it on for the recommended amount of time, and then rinse your glass under running water. Tip: Before you rinse you can actually scape off the etching cream & put it back in the bottle. Yes, you can reuse the etching cream. Awesome! 😉

etching on glass tutorial #silhouetteteam #spon

After you have rinsed your etching cream off you can then remove the vinyl. Then step back & say, “Wow!” Isn’t that the coolest thing ever??!! Etching is permanent, and you can put it in the top rack of the dishwasher. Isn’t that amazing??!! So pretty, too! 🙂

Glass Etching Tutorial with Silhouette #gingersnapcrafts #tutorial #spon

Of course, I had to fill my new fancy bowl with something yummy! Come back tomorrow for a yummy white chocolate popcorn recipe! Yum! 🙂

glass etching with Silhouette #spon #gingersnapcrafts

One more time ~ just in case you missed it! 😉 This month’s Silhouette Glass Etching Promotion includes:

(1) Silhouette CAMEO® plus a free Silhouette Glass Etching Starter Kit for $269.99

(2) Silhouette Portrait™ plus a free Silhouette Glass Etching Starter Kit for $129.99

(3) Glass Etching Starter Kit for  only $29.99

You can get these deals when you visit the Silhouette promotion page & use the code GINGERSNAP. 🙂

Glass Etching Promotion #Silhouette #spon

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