I’m a simple girl.

Growing up I had 4 goals
I wanted to accomplished.

1. Marry a totally awesome & cute guy

that I love, love, love. (check)

2. Graduate from college. (check)
3. Have 5 beautiful children.
(check, check, check, check & check! Whew!)

4. Be featured on a craft blog!!! (check)
(Yes!!! You read that right!!
I’m so excited!! 🙂 )
(OK, OK, maybe craft blogs weren’t even around when I was a kid…
but if they were this would of totally been one of my life goals. 🙂 )

So, go check out A Law Student’s Journey here.

And you’ll see little ole me featured
on a giveaway for these awesome labels.
Go enter!!!

A Law Student's Journey

(Giveaway closed!)

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