Grow your Garden with Miracle Gro {Expand 'n Gro concentrated plant mix review}

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.

miracle gro
I was super excited when I was asked to review the Miracle Gro Expand ‘n Gro™  concentrated planting mix.  I love growing things!   Remember my front yard flower bed post from last week?  Well, this week I’ve been working on my backyard.  Underneath our bedroom windows we put in a our own “berry patch” as we call it. 🙂  We have strawberries growing there….

miracle gro stawberry patch
…as well as blueberry bushes!  Right now they look like this {lots of blooms} but pretty soon we will have lots of blueberries and TONS of strawberries!  Yum!  I can’t wait.  Since we put this bed in
{& since it is raised off the ground about 2 feet} the soil has settled over the last few years.
It was in need of some more dirt, and of course,
the plants could use a good feeding from Miracle Gro!
So this couldn’t of been better timing for me.  Thank you, Miracle Gro! 🙂
miracle gro blueberry
I was also happy to see that the instructions are right on the back of the bag!  They are very simple to follow, & there are even pictures.  So you can’t mess up. 😉  You can use the Miracle Gro Expand n’ Gro in pots or in the ground.  So just about everybody has a spot where they could use some Miracle Gro Expand n’ Gro. 🙂  The Miracle Gro Expand n’ Gro will make your soil up to 40% lighter and creates up to 90% more air space so your roots can thrive.  
miracle gro instructions
When you open the bag it looks just like dirt, but when you add water it expands enough to fill four 12 inch flower pots or 8 square feet in the ground.  Amazing!  The all natural fibers hold up to 50% more water than basic potting soil and releases it as the plants need it.  Super cool.  It also feeds for up to 6 months for big, beautiful plants
(or in our case big yummy strawberries & blueberries!).  Yay! 🙂
miracle gro bag
It was super easy to use.
Since I was using mine on the ground I first spread a 1 inch layer of soil in my beds.
miracle gro spread
Then I mixed the Miracle Gro Expand n’ Gro in with the other dirt in my flower beds.
miracle gro dirt
Then I planted and watered as usual.  (The soil will expand as you add equal parts of water to it.)
miracle gro water
I can’t wait to see our strawberries & blueberries in a few weeks!
I’m sure they will be fabulous thanks to Miracle Gro Expand ‘n Gro!
EnG Product Shot.png

As always all opinions are my own. 🙂
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