I’m so excited to have my good friend Kitty over to help out with my back to school series! 
Her & her hubby went back to school at the same time!  {Been there, done that! Whew!}
Kitty is here to share some of their fab organizing tips!  Take it away, Kitty!
Hi all!
My name is Kitty,
I occupy a little corner of
the Bloggerverse called
Now I don’t have any kids,
but the Mr. and I
both took the plunge
and went back to school,
at the same time.

With two students in the
house and one car between us.
I have learned a few
quick and easy ways to

divide and conquer.
The Mr. and I got sick
of running around in the morning
looking for our text books.
So, we set aside two book shelves
for text books only.
This way we always know where to
find our texts.

I also use those magazine holders
to keep all my workbooks in one place.

Another holds study material
for the next test, that way
I know exactly what
I need to review.

The third one holds any material
I am going to use for the next
project, essay etc.
It’s an easy place for me to put
everything as I work.

keep things you need at hand.
Instead of buying a pencil case
that sinks to the bottom of
my bag, I bought this
cheap binder pouch.
(You can get them for about $1.00)

They fit perfectly in the binder
and I can put all the things
I need for school into them.
This way
I don’t have to worry
where my pencil case is,
I just grab my binder and go!

mark your property!
I’m always moving around
for school.
Whether it’s from
floor to floor in a hospital
or class room to lab room.
With all the shuffling,
I often leave things
in odd places.

To solve the problem of
“Who’s binder is this?”
I simply bought one of
those binders with the clear plastic
on the front cover.
Then found an image I liked,
added my name to it
and printed it off.
Tuck it under the clear plastic
and now there is no question
it’s mine.

I hope you all find these ideas helpful!
What do you do to keep organized?

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