{ham & cheese} mini melt sandwiches {recipe}

mini ham & cheese melts from Ginger Snap Crafts

Are you a busy mom like me? Are maybe even a working mom? Do you pack a lunch for you & your family or do you eat out each day? What are some of your favorite working mom meals?

It can get really, really expensive to buy lunch out everyday. Yikes! So in our family I pack a lot of lunches! It saves us a ton of money.  Plus a homemade sandwich just taste better to me. 😉

Today I’d love to share one of our family’s favorite recipes!  My family loves these easy {ham & cheese} mini melt sandwiches for lunch. They are also great for a quick dinner, and then you can save the leftovers for lunches the next day.  Oh yay…a two for one meal!  You can’t beat that! 😉

First I headed to Sam’s Club to pick up some Castle Wood lunch meat & other ingredients for our sandwiches.  FYI: Castle Wood lunch meat is a Sam’s Club private label lunch meat. {You can check out my whole shopping trip over on google+.}

Castle Wood Lunch Meat from Sam's Club

{ham & cheese} Mini Melt Sandwiches

{Printer friendly recipe HERE.}


  • Castle Wood Reserve Virginia Brand Smoked Ham {available at Sam’s Club}
  • Castle Wood Reserve Colby Jack Cheese slices {available at Sam’s Club}
  • 1 package Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
  • Dijon mustard {optional}
  • poppy seeds {optional}


Slice your Hawaiian Sweet Rolls in half with a bread knife. 

sandwich recipe

If desired, spread a thin layer of Dijon Mustard on bottom half of your rolls. The key is a THIN layer.  Don’t put too much. {Some of my kiddos do not like any kind of mustard, so I’ll usually do only half of the sandwiches with the Dijon mustard & half plain.}

how to make a sandwich

Sprinkle your bread with some poppy seeds.

mini melt sandwich

Cut your cheese slices into quarters, and then slice the lunch meat into smaller pieces also.

sandwich ingredients

Layer the cheese, then meat, more cheese & then one more layer of meat on the bottom half of your rolls.

layered sandwich with ham & cheese
Put the top of your bread back on your sandwiches.

small sandwich
Then put your sandwiches into a 350 degree oven until bread is toasted & the cheese has melted. Yummy!

cheesy melts

Serve with fresh fruit & chips.  Yum! {You can serve these sandwiches hot or cold…both ways are delicious!}

wm ham & cheese melt
This is what my kiddos took to lunch today, & I’ll be eating these at home for lunch.  Yum!

wm ham & cheese mini melts

Remember you can find Castle Wood lunch meat at Sam’s Club.

You can also connect with Sam’s Club on
facebook ~ twitter ~ website

{Stay tuned for a $100 gift card giveaway coming in January!}

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