Heaven is Here {read this!}

How many of YOU read NieNie?
I’ve been reading Stephanie Nielson’s blog,
The NieNie Dialogues for several years now.
Her story is amazing…just click the button,
& it will take you to her amazing blog.

To tell you the truth I haven’t read a book
from cover to cover since I started blogging!
Buuut as soon as I heard that Stephanie had
written a book about her experience I knew I had to read it.

heaven is here
{picture source}

Once I started reading Heaven on Earth I couldn’t put it down.
I smiled, I cried & everything in between.
It is truly is an amazing & inspiring story!
Annnd since Mother’s Day is just around the corner
this would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!
When I bought my book I ordered another copy for my mom, too.
I couldn’t wait to give it to her for Mother’s Day…
so I’ve dropped it in the mail to her last week.
She loved it just as much as I did.
This book will remind you of how blessed our lives really are,
how powerful love is & that miracles really do happen.

You can see a video preview {HERE}.

You can buy Heaven is Here
at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or iTunes.


Disclosure: I was NOT compensated for this post.  Just passing on a really good read!  Hope you love it as much as I did. Smile

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