help me! {styrofoam link party}


I’ve got some super exciting

{& kind of scary in a good way!!!}news to tell ya!




Guess who is a contestant on Season 6

of One Month to Win It???  Me!


A little nerve wrecking & exciting all in one! 🙂  You can meet all of the contestants here.  It’s an amazing group of ladies {including one of my best blogging buddies, Jenni from Kissed by a Frog!}.  I am so excited to see what everyone comes up with each week.   It’s going to be fun!

Here’s how it works: Basically we are all competing during the month of November.  Each week has a theme {You can check out the themes here.}  Each week our projects will be voted on by YOU…so I’ll need YOU to vote!  There’s a catch though…I can’t tell you anything…not a clue, not a picture…nothing until after the voting is closed & the winners are announced!  We will also be judged by the judges, too!  {That’s the scary part! ;)}  So between the both of those a few of us will move on each week until there’s a winner!  Sounds fun, huh?? 🙂

OK…now here’s where I need your help {besides voting each week ;)}!!!  I pretty much have my projects nailed down for Week 1, 2 & 4, but I’m stumped on Week 3…Styrofoam Crafts!  The only thing I can remember making out of Styrofoam is a solar system back in elementary school which was a LONG time ago!  {I guess I’m out of the loop on the Styrofoam craft craze!  Whoops! ;)} And did you know Styrofoam was an actual brand!!??  You can check out their website {here}. {I had no idea!}


So I need YOUR help to get my crafty creative styrofoamy ideas flowing!  {Of course, one of the criteria for the judges is originality…so I’ll have to totally change it up! ;)}  I just need some ideas to get me started!  Please! 🙂 So if YOU have any Styrofoam crafts that YOU have done in the past please link them up here!!!  😉 

Thank you, thank you!!!


Season 6 starts November 1st!!!  I’ll keep you posted!!! 🙂


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