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Hey, there! I’m Jennifer from the Home Day BookI am beyond excited to be doing up Christmas Break here at Ginger Snap Crafts. I love Ginger’s blog, as well as her {Wow Me} Wednesday link party. Besides linking up, it’s great to see so many projects in one place! I have a unique door decoration to share with you today. Obviously, during the holidays, we see many different takes on the traditional wreath. It is such a great staple in decorating and crafts….and not just for the holidays. However, I do like to change it up a bit and buck the system! Here is an easy pinecone door hanging that goes from Christmas through the winter…all the way to spring!

It is super easy and inexpensive to make. All you need are some pinecones, a few yards of grosgrain (or your choice) ribbon and a glue gun! To start, lay your pinecones out on a flat surface. Cut your ribbons in varying lengths, leaving a bit of extra ribbon at the end for length adjustments. To attach the pinecones, you use the glue gun to put a bit of glue in the little “hole” at the bottom of the pinecone. Press the ribbon in there and let it dry!

Once you have done them all, gather all of the ribbons and hold them up in a bunch. This is when you will want to adjust the lengths so that some of them are longer, some are medium-length and some are shorter. Once you are happy with the arrangement, knot the ribbons near the ends of the ribbons. Trim the ends so they look tidy.

Even though I have my door hanging pictured on with my Christmas things, once January comes, I change out the lights and red berries for more pinecones and greenery. This keeps some interest in my porch pots, but takes away the Christmas element. Two things I love about this door hanging….the first is the non-traditional shape! I like the alternative to the wreath shape. The other? You can pick whatever color you like for the ribbon. Depending on your door color, you can choose a ribbon color to really pop during those long winter days. I chose a lighter grass green just for that reason. I hope you enjoyed hanging out at Ginger Snap Crafts for Winter Break! Have a great holiday!

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