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Good morning! Every year I make a goal to send a card to all of my family members for their birthdays….and every year I don’t get to the store & run out of time to get it in the mail. 🙁 Buuuuut thanks to my Cricut Joy this will not be a problem for me ever again. Yay! In minutes, I can whip out an adorable, handmade, personalized card and get it in the mail right from home! 🙂 I love how easy the Cricut Joy makes card making. Anyone can do this. Let me show you how to make cards with the Cricut Joy! 🙂

To make these cute cards you will need:
Cricut Joy
Cricut Joy Insert Cards
Cricut Joy Card Mat
Starter Tool Set
Cricut Joy™ Fine Point Pens

First, grab a box of card inserts. Cricut has so many different options from bright and colorful….

to pastel or glittery to holographic. 🙂 Also grab a few Cricut Joy pens. I love the glitter ones. 🙂

Next, you will load your Cricut Joy card mat. The card slides inside the mat, so you’ll only be cutting on the front.

Design Space has TONS of Cricut Joy card designs. Select one, and then load your mat.

Your Cricut Joy will do the rest. First it will draw (if you have a drawn design) and then it will cut it out.

Unload your card, slip in an insert that comes in your card pack.

There you go!  You’ll have an adorable card in just minutes! 🙂

Watch this video from Cricut, if you have any questions. 🙂

What type of card would you make first? Birthday? Thinking of you? So many fun options. 🙂

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Have a wonderful week! Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

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