Jutta @ Creative Chaos {Christmas Break Guest}

Hello friends of lovely Ginger :-).

I am Jutta from Creative Chaos.

Actually, my blog started out as ‘Organized Living Solutions’, but reality quickly established itself, and I had to change the name.

I am on a mission to beautify life, especially through paying attention to the normal, ordinary, day-to-day dealings and things. On the blog you will find my various attempts and the occasional rambling. As I am not the most patient of people, most of the DIY’s are quick and easy.

Here are five of my favorite projects:

1. Bird ornaments:

I just did these little ornaments so they still feel fresh and exciting. To get the step-by-step come over and visit.

2. Another recent project, my simple wreath:

3. Forest creatures, one of my all time favorites. I love the animals of the forests in my native Germany, and I love love love maps:


4. DIY Dress. The next one is an attempt at sewing. To say that I am not very good at that is an understatement, but if you don’t look too closely the dress looks fine, and I wear it regularly:


5. One cloth five ways. This last project gets more page views than all the others put together, which is why I am including it here:


I hope you enjoyed this little round-up. If you would like to see more, come over and visit me at Creative Chaos.

Thanks so much dear Ginger for having me!

A lovely holiday season to you all,


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Thank you so much, Jutta!
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Thank you so much stopping by my blog!
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