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It’s cold & flu season, annnnd if you have kiddos (like me!) you probably already knew that! haha! 😉 With my 5 kiddos it seems like just about every other week or so someone has a cough or the sniffles. Usually when my kiddos are sick especially if they have a fever along with that runny nose I’ll try to quarantine them in my bedroom. I try to keep all the germs in one room. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much, but I try. 😉 Anyways, while they are in lock down I try to keep them entertained with some fun movies, yummy snacks & a craft or two to pass the time. Of course, they’ll have a big box of Kleenex, a favorite blanket & toy in there as well. Annnd sometimes we even use the Kleenex in our craft projects! Today I’m excited to show you how to make these easy Kleenex angels ~ a perfect sick day craft (or really anytime craft!). 🙂

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#KleenexTarget #ad #sickday

For this project you’ll need:
school glue

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First you’ll put one Kleenex square down, then you’ll bunch up another square & sit it right in the middle.

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Use a piece of twine to tie the first tissue around the tissue ball to make your angel’s head.

#KleenexTarget #sickdaycraft #ad

Next take another Kleenex tissue square & fold it into a triangle & then fold it into a triangle again until it looks like this.

#KleenexTarget #craft #ad

Next get your angle’s head & put a little dab of school glue right in the middle.

#KleenexTarget #ad #craft

Then stick your angle’s head to the top of it’s triangle body.

kleenex angel craft #shop

To make the wings get another Kleenex square & bunch it together in the middle. Tie a piece of twine around the middle & knot it.

paper angel craft for kids #ad

Then glue the wings to the back of your angel. That’s it ~ a Kleenex angel! 🙂 Annnd the good thing about these angels if you feel a sneeze coming on just grab an angel! They are great at catching sneezes! ha! 😉

Kleenex Angel #KleenexTarget #ad

Make sure you grab a $1 off Kleenex 4 packs or larger coupon to use at Target.

Kleenex Angel from #KleenexTarget #ad

Do you have any fun sick day traditions, crafts or recipes? I’d love to hear! 🙂

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