LEGO® Friends Unlocking Her Creativity #LEGOFriendsCGC

Hello! It’s Friday, and I am so ready for the weekend. My hubby has been out of town for 2 weeks, and I’m so glad that he is back! 😉 While he was gone we did have some fun times though! My daughter was super excited to get a special package in the mail just for her! She received a LEGO® Friends Heartland Juice Bar play set! I love LEGO® blocks because every time my kiddos sit down to to play with them they unlock their creativity & find joy in building something of their very own. 🙂 So keep reading to see what my daughter created with her new LEGO® Friends set! 😉

LEGO® Friends Unlocking Her Creativity at #LEGOFriendsCGC #spon

legos for girls

LEGO® Friends collection sets are a little different than the traditional LEGO®s you’ve seen before. They blend the building fun of the traditional blocks with the of added bonuses of settings, themes, characters & stories. My daughter LOVES toys like this! She is so imaginative & creative, too. She couldn’t wait to play with them. As soon as she open the box she dumped out all the pieces & got to work! 😉

legos friends

I love that with these blocks you could go in direction you want. You can build your own design or follow the picture on the box. My daughter decided to use the instruction book that came with the set to try to build it just like the picture. She paid attention to every little piece! This set even has tiny flowers! She loved that!

building with legos

As she got it more put together you tell she was really proud of her work! I love how these blocks let her play & use her creativity as well as her reasoning & logic as she tried to figure out the best way to put each piece together. I love all the little details. 🙂

LEGO® Friends for Girls

After she had everything just like she wanted she played all afternoon with the little LEGO® people. She loved pretending they were coming & going. She invented all kinds of stories for them! 😉

girls playing legos

LEGO® Friends has teamed up with Girls on the Run® (GOTR) ~ a physical activity-based positive youth development program~ to inspire girls everywhere to achieve their unlimited potential. Girls are using LEGO® Friends blocks to tell stories, embrace their differences and find strength in the things they have in common. LEGO® & Girls on the Run® share a vision of unleashing confidence through accomplishment. I love that! 🙂

using your imagination with Legos

What inspires your daughter’s creativity & imagination? Does she love LEGO®s Friends, too? I’d love to hear!  🙂

LEGO® Friends Unlocking Her Creativity at #LEGOFriendsCGC #spon

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