Make Over Monday: Craft Block

You know we all have crafty stuff laying around.
Things that we have made, been given, bought on Etsy,
and over time you kind of get tired of seeing the
same old knick knacks day after day.
Make over Mondays
on Ginger Snaps
Over the next month or so each Monday
I will feature one of my craft re-dos
from around my house.
The first re-do is this
(Love that song!)
I bought this stacker
about 4 years ago
from a vinyl website.
(I can’t remember which one!) 🙂
It was actually one of the first
vinyl things I bought!
(Now that was a long time ago.) 🙂
It has seen better days.
The vinyl was starting to peel,
& I didn’t have a spot for it anymore.
Now here’s the big reveal! 🙂
Same concept!
Still using a primary song for my inspiration! 🙂
(Love the song “I am a Child of God“.)
 I made this for my girls’ room,
so lots of pink, purple & teal paint was used. 🙂
I used vinyl negatives to stencil on the words.
(Vinyl negative tutorial coming soon BTW!)
Then I sanded the edges to rough it up a bit.

Reused the wire heart,
 and added some purple sparkly ribbon,
& then I found the perfect spot
to put it in the girl’s room.
Love it! 🙂
And it didn’t cost me a penny to make.
I just used things I already had around. 🙂
Sweet! 🙂

When I was cutting the vinyl, I wasn’t paying attention,
& cut the vinyl a half inch too big for this project..
So, I have any extra set of the saying:
Lead Me
Guide Me,
Walk Beside Me
I love, love, love my followers!
The first follower to leave a comment
(along with their email address,
so I can contact you!)
will get this extra set for FrEe!!!
I’d love to see what you make with it! 🙂
Happy Monday, everyone!

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