make over monday {personalized cups}

We had a HUGE problem at our house
…by the end of the day every single cup
in the house would be used! Ugh!
Don’t you hate that?
So our solution was to give
each family member 
their own personalized cup!
We were to use that cup
Guess what?
It worked! 🙂

If you know me you know that
I’ve had a little obsession
with vinyl for a while now,
but let me introduce you
to my new favorite: cast vinyl.
It’s awesome!

Cast vinyl is a durable vinyl.
It can be run through a dishwasher,
& it doesn’t come off.
(Cool, huh?) 

So, here’s how I made our cups!

Cast vinyl is cut just like regular vinyl
It’s a little thicker, so on my Silhouette
I had to adjust the setting to a
little thicker than my regular vinyl.
(I get my cast vinyl from
Love those guys!
I’m sure you can use just
about any craft cutter to make these.
(If you can’t make you own,
I also sale cast vinyl labels
in my etsy shop, Ginger Snaps.)

Vinyl (including cast vinyl) comes in 3 layers:
The transfer tape, the vinyl & the backing paper.
Gently rub on the back of your backing paper.
Flip over & then slowly peel back the transfer paper.
You vinyl should stick to it.
If not put it back down, rub the back & try again.

Now you’ve got your cast vinyl ready to apply.

A cup is a little harder to work with than
a flat surface because it’s curved.
Cast vinyl is also a bit “stickier” to work with.
So take it nice & slow,
& you shouldn’t have any problems.
I always start in the middle.
Rub those letters down first.

Then work your way
toward the end on both sides.
Gently rubbing the letters
& allowing them to follow the curve.
Rub over the entire surface with your fingers.

TIP: I’ve noticed when you let the vinyl
sit for a few minutes
before removing the transfer
tape it tends to adhere much easier.
Next slowly lift your transfer tape.

Take it nice & slow.
If the letters don’t want to stick to the cup,
lay your transfer tape back down & rub some more.

There you go, your cup is all ready to be used
and washed again & again. 🙂

Here’s our cups!
Yes, these are the ones we use everyday
& they have been washed a bunch.
The vinyl still there!
Love it! 🙂

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