Make Your Own Polka Dot Pot {tutorial} #lilylove

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Spring is here!  Yay! I am so excited to start planting flowers! I love all kinds of flowers! Around this time of year I especially love lilies. I love having them inside & outside our home. They can really brighten up a space & bring some spring in! Today I’d love to show you how to make this fun spring inspired polka dot pot.

This fun little pot with a pretty Easter lily would be a great addition to your front porch or home or even as a gift for a friend. Annnd Mother’s Day is coming up!  So have the grand kids help make Grandma a pretty flower pot. 🙂
For this project you’ll need to take a quick trip to the store to pick up a few supplies.
You’ll need:
  • an Easter Lily (You can find lilies at garden centers, grocery stores & flower shops.)
  • flower pot & base
  • potting soil
  • vinyl polka dots (or you could use stickers)
The first thing I did was cut some 1 inch vinyl circles out with my Silhouette.  I used cast vinyl which is very durable. So if I keep my pot outside it should hold up really well.
I cut the circles out like this:
Then I just started applying the vinyl circles all over my pot!  For more detailed instructions on how to apply vinyl you can go {HERE}.
Along the edges I cut some of the circles in half before applying them just to change it up a bit.
Then I put my Easter Lily inside the pot! Now wouldn’t that make a great gift?

What do YOU have planned for spring?
What is your favorite flower?
Have you ever bought Easter Lilies?
I’d love to hear! 😉

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