monster monday {monogrammed pumpkin}

Last week I was over at A Law Student’s Journey participating in Kitty’s 
Guest Blogger Bonanza!!!  {Thanks for having me over, Kitty! It was so fun!!} 
Don’t forget to stop by LSJ for some more awesome guest!!!
{So if you missed this over there, I’m sharing it here today!}
So do you walk the aisles of Hobby Lobby looking for inspiration, too?  This is were I got the idea to make my own monogrammed pumpkin & have since seen a bunch around blogland, too! 😉
  So here’s my version. 🙂
Monogrammed Pumpkin Tutorial
It was super easy!
All you need is a nice round pumpkin & some vinyl lettering.
If you don’t have a vinyl cutter, you could also use stickers or stencils & contact paper. 
{I think the stem makes the pumpkin!  Look at that stem! Perfect!}
I’ll admit it wasn’t easy getting vinyl to stick to a curved slightly bumpy pumpkin!
I ended up taking the B vinyl completely off the transfer paper and just slowly
working with it until it went on smoothly.  I did the same thing with the frame. 
Take your time.  Vinyl is pretty forgiving IF you take it nice & slow.
There you go!  All done! 🙂
The great thing is next week when it’s time to carve this pumpkin,
the vinyl can easily be removed & we’ll have a jack-o-lantern in it’s place.

Hope you are having a fa-boo-lous Monday!

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