Mother’s Day Card with Detailz #LifestyleCrafts

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! (If you still need a gift idea go check out my 15+ Mother’s Day gift ideas!) Along with a gift you’ll need a pretty card as well, right? 🙂 Annnd nothing is better that a handmade card made with lots of love.  Today I am excited to show you these Mother’s Day cards I made using Lifestyle Crafts new Detailz dies. They are ah-mazing! You can cut, emboss & stencil all with the same die. Wow! Keep reading to find out how. 🙂

Mother's Day Cards with #LifestyleCrafts


Lifestyle Crafts has just released it’s new Detailz dies, & their 10 new designs are available right now at Lifestyle Crafts. (Don’t forget to use code GINGER to get 20% off your order!) Like I said you can cut, emboss & stencil with these dies! So cool! Just look at all the details! Wonder how they came up with the name?! ha! 😉

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If you look at these dies you’ll notice they look a little different than other dies you’ve seen. They have way more things going on. 😉 To work with these dies first you’ll need a Genius Cutting Platform.

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If you use regular scrapbook paper you’ll also need a Genius Rubber Mat. When you are using letterpress paper you can cut your dies using just the Genius Cutting Platform. (You can check out my Genius Cutting Platform Tutorial to see how it works!) #imagenius


I used my Epic Six along with my Genius Cutting Platform to cut these dies. (FYI: You can use just about any name brand crank die cutting machine with your Genius Cutting Platform.)

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To cut these dies using letterpress paper you’ll just lay your die on your magnetic genius platform then use Mat A on top, and then you’ll just run it through your Epic Six. As it does this it will both cut & emboss your die cut.

how to cut dies with an Epic Six

If you are using regular scrapbook paper you’ll have one more step. After you run it through your Epic Six you’ll leave your die in place & then replace Mat A with the Genius Rubber Mat and Mat B on top of that & then run it through the Epic Six one more time. Then you’ll have a nice die cut that is both cut & embossed.

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Now if you would like to stencil your die cut as well it is super easy. Don’t remove your die cut from the die. Flip it over & using colored pencils or markers you can add some color to your die cut by tracing the lines.

#detailz #stenciling

Isn’t that cool?? It adds a little color & extra handmade goodness to your die cut! 🙂

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I had so much fun whipping up these cards for Mother’s Day.  I chose to use letterpress paper, & I didn’t add any color to my die cuts.  I liked the crisp white against the colored backgrounds. I can’t wait to try out more projects with my Detailz dies!

#mothersday #diy #cards#mothersday #lifestylecraftsmother's day cardMother's Day Cards with #LifestyleCrafts

Remember you can always get 20% off any order at Lifestyle Crafts
by using the code GINGER at checkout! So get to shopping! 🙂

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