No Sew Super Hero Cape & Mask {tutorial}

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This morning I showed you our no sew dinosaur costume inspired by the new season of The Chica Show on Sprout which will be launching next Monday, July 29th! Yay! I mentioned that we had also made a no sew super hero cape & mask as well. My little man absolutely LOVES being a super hero! Keep reading to see how easy this super hero costume was to make. 🙂

no sew super hero cape #gingersnapcrafts

You can find the super hero costume instructions & supply list over on Sprout. I did want to show you a few pictures to help you along if you decided to make one too. 🙂

super hero cape pattern

You’ll need a square piece of fabric. I did this by folding my fabric in half diagonally then trimming the edge. Open it up, & you’ve got a square. Then I rounded off two opposite corners.


On one rounded corner I put a piece of felt, then the material, then a long piece of ribbon on top. I put plenty of hot glue in there & then folded it in half. Make sure you put hot glue on the other side, too. It will look like the picture below. (I have it flipped up to show you the other side.)

super hero cape

For the mask you just use a piece of felt & cut it into a peanut shape. I placed in over my kiddo’s closed eyes & used a piece of chalk to mark where the eye holes should go. Then I cut those out. You’ll just glue a piece of ribbon on each side to tie the mask around your child’s head.

super hero mask
Yep, that’s my little super hero! 🙂 Remember to make sure you use adult supervision when your kiddos have a cape around their necks. We don’t want any super heroes getting hurt!

diy super hero costume for kids

If you saw my earlier post about the no sew dinosaur costume…you saw the dinosaur & super hero “fighting”! Well, as you can see they made up, & now they are the best of friends. haha! 🙂

diy kids costumes and play clothes

I hope these post inspire you to dress up & play with your kiddos. I love seeing my kiddos use their imaginations! Annnnnd I really, really LOVE seeing those huge smiles on their little faces! It’s really the best thing in the world! 🙂

no sew super hero cape #gingersnapcrafts

It’s time to get up and play, mom! Sprout, the 24-hour preschool channel parents and kids share together, is launching The Chica Show Season 2, which includes all new ways for you and your little ones to “dress up and play.” You can also check out the Sprout Pinterest board & The Chica Show activity page for more fun ideas to do with your kiddos.

Make sure to check out all new episodes of The Chica Show, starting July 29, 2013!

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