OMTWI round 2 {new laundry room sign}

Thank you, thank you for keeping me in another week!
I’m having so much fun, I LOVE getting out of my “crafty comfort zone”.
I’m also very humbled & amazed to be grouped together
with this wonderful group of CrAfTy ladies!  You guys are awesome!

So did you guess right??  My project was the laundry room sign!

(AND for this project I broke out my big boy…my Cameo for the first time!  So fun!}
For this round I chose to make a
{new} laundry room sign from an old cabinet door!
I’ve had this old cabinet door forever!  Finally got around to making something with it!  Yay!  Thanks, OMTWI! 🙂  Basically I cut some vinyl using my Cameo, it’s digital design & software.  I used the vinyl negative {the part you usually throw out} to make a stencil that fit my board perfectly.  I used DecoArt Designer Series All-Purpose Acrylic Paint in white in this project.  I really wanted to try the DecoArt Stencil Paint but they didn’t carry it at my Hobby Lobby.  🙁  The DecoArt acrylic paint worked pretty well though! Yay!  I did had a few hiccups & change ups along the way, but I LOVE how it turned out! (*For all the hiccups & change ups see below!) After I was done with the words I slightly roughed up the cabinet door edges with sand paper & then hung it on the wall.  🙂
I love, love, love it!  I keep going in my laundry room again & again to look at it! 
You’d think I’d get more laundry done this way…but no luck! 
Still got piles & piles of laundry to do!  🙂 
So, I’d better get busy! 😉


*OK…you ready for the not so glamorous parts! 🙂  I used the DecoArt paint (the white paint) for the word laundry, BUT I used some paint I already had for the other words…a tan colored paint—a latex paint.  Not to self…DO NOT use latex paint for stenciling!  You know how it’s a little stretchy… well, when I went to take off my vinyl stencil the paint wanted to come off too!  gggggggrrrr!!!!  So I had to use my handy dandy metal spatula (Yes, you can call me MacGyver!) to scrap off all the messed up paint! Another grrrr!!.  I ended up having to restain the cabinet door to get it looking nice again…so the white DecoArt paint (which stencil fabulously) is now a cream colored because of the stain.  Then I had to redo all the other wording in white….AND then when I went to hang it up I actually made the sign up side down!  I had nagged  asked my hubby (before he went out of town for the week) to drill some holes in the back of the cabinet door so I could hang it up when I was done BUT of course I didn’t even look at the back before I started putting the words on! So add another grrrr!  So here’s my other MacGyver moment I had to use ribbon, staple gun & a couple of nails to hang it up so I could take pictures! Long story short…my almost crafty disaster turned out to be a success!  Love my new laundry room sign! 🙂
Thank YOU for voting for me & keeping me in the competition!
I’m excited to see what everyone does next week.
Next week’s challenge is Styrofoam!!!  Should be interesting! 🙂


Have a fabulous weekend!


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