Organizing Medical Records.

Hey, I know that blog post title doesn’t sound
like the most exciting thing you’ve ever wanted to read,
but organizing your children’s
medical records is super important.
Especially when you have 5 kiddos like me.
It can be very confusing
…who got what shot, who’s taken what antibiotic,
who’s had what illness..and on and on.
You get the picture! 🙂

About 5 years ago I read an awesome article
in Boy’s Life.  (Yes, I read my son’s magazines!)
It suggested making a medical record
for each member of your family.
It gave a link to this website
for all the FREE health forms & records
you’ll need to get started.
(The most important one I use is the office visit sheet.)

Each of my kiddos has a notebook.

I made a cover sheet that has their full name,
our address, our contact information,
doctor information, insurance information
and any medications they take.
I added a couple of sheet protectors
for their social security cards, birth certificates,
shot records and any other important papers.

It has a recent picture of them, report cards & physicals.
After each office visit I always fill out the office visit report form.
I write down the reason for the visit, what was discussed,
test done & what, if any, medication was prescribed.
I write results from the test performed & their weight & height.

If they were prescribed any medication I always staple
that to the front of the office visit form.
This way I can keep up with what medicine
they have taken and any side effects they might of had. 

Each time I take a child to the doctor
I grab their notebook & throw it in my bag.
It’s all there with everything I need ready to go. 🙂


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