Q Wunder Board Game for Kids ~ Q’s Race to the Top #Qsracetothetop

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Hello! I’m sure you kiddos are like mine in that they LOVE to play games! We play games all the time in our family. We even have one family night set aside each week, & we always plan a fun activity or game to go along with it. So to say my kiddos were excited to see the brand new Q Wunder Board Game ~ Q’s Race to the Top show up at our door recently is a huge understatement! They were thrilled! 🙂 We are so happy to be a part of the Q Wunder Board Game Kickstarter event that starts TODAY! The game is a bit different than your usual board game. This game focuses on the emotional intelligence of your kiddos, & it will help them learn & grow in that area (& have lots of fun, too). So keep reading to find out more. 🙂

I love this board game that helps with your kid's emotional health PLUS it's lots of fun! ) #Qsracetothetop #pmedia #ad

Q's Race to the Top board game #Qsracetothetop

Q Wunder Board Games, books & videos are brought to you by EQtainment. EQtainment helps kids learn about emotional intelligence through these fun and affordable games, books, and videos.

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My kiddos really had a great time playing this game. You roll the dice & land on one of 3 colors. The game comes with 3 stacks of cards in the same colors. So if you land on a green square, you would pick a green card & so on.

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The green cards were the question cards. They asked the kiddos what would they do to help the monkey ~ Q in different situations. This really made them think about what the best choice should be & how they could help Q. These cards are great at teaching the kiddos empathy, how to help others, how to handle different emotions and social skills.

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The blue cards were the YOU cards. They asked questions about the kids ~ what they thought & what they would do. These cards helped with their communication skills, creative thinking, putting ideas & thoughts together and showing others how they feel.


The red cards are the DO cards ~ you got to do something. My kiddos LOVED these cards! You would do silly actions like standing on one foot or hopping around the room.

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On one of the red cards it said you had to shuffle from side to side. {Of course, both of my kiddos insisted on doing all of the red cards together no matter who landed on red.} They laughed at each other, & they had the best time shuffling across the room together! ha! 😉

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The game also came with a cute storybook. Ours was called Q’s Wild Ride. It was a cute little story about the monkey Q & how he learned that he should think before he acts. My kiddos have read it over & over! 🙂

game that helps with your kid's emotional health

Be sure to visit this page for more information about today’s kickstarter of this amazing game! 🙂 You can find more from EQtainment on twitter, facebook & instagram. You can also go {HERE} to find out how to get one of these games for your family. 🙂


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I love this board game that helps with your kid's emotional health PLUS it's lots of fun! ) #Qsracetothetop #pmedia #ad

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