Guys! I have found the best toy ever for my kiddos! Annnnd the best part of all is that it is tech-free & provides hours of creative entertainment for my kiddos! Eek! You’ve got love that. Qixels (pronounced “Quick-suls”) is a creative activity set that inspires kiddos to use their imagination with cubes that fuse together with a squirt of water to create an 8-bit world of monsters, dinosaurs, animals & lots more, all while stepping away from their screens. Qixels would make an amazing birthday gift or Christmas gift, & it would be perfect for this week. Qixels would make great entertainment for the kiddos right after Thanksgiving dinner when you just want to take a nap! ha! So keep reading, & I’ll tell you more!

Best Toy Ever!!! Qixels

qixels for kids

With Qixels, Moose Toys (the makers of Qixels) has carved out the “craftstruction” category that appeals to both boys & girls. Qixels line is appropriate for ages five & up (annnnd even my tweens & teens loved them!). You can find it at most stores like Target & Toys R Us. The Qixels line ranges in price from $9.99 – $19.99 which makes them a very affordable gift idea! I love how Qixels inspires kids to be creative, & it is a very hands-on activity as they construct their favorite pixelated characters. Each box comes with lots of bead colors, designs & design plates for the kids to use. There was plenty to go around (as you can see here!). They can use pre-made templates or use their imaginations to create anything they’d like.

qixels beads

qixels toys

qixels keeps kids busy

After they have their character exactly how they want, they squirted their designs with water. Once the water has dried the beads will fuse together forming their characters. It’s pretty cool! You could also pick up Qixels Turba Dryer that will fuse the designs in half the time! Eek! You can check out the Qixels Turbo Dryer here: Qixels Turbo Dryer

qixels make great gifts

We also made our own Qixels Turbo Dryer video below that shows the Qixels Turbo Dryer in action! 🙂

qixels creative toys

Check out some of my kiddos’ Qixels creations! 🙂

qixels are great toys for kids

qixels dinosaur

What do you think about this toy? Would your kids get a kick out Qixels?
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You can watch a another fun Qixels demonstration right {HERE}.

Best Toy Ever!!! Qixels

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