Rita @ Pink Polka Dot Creations {Christmas Break Guest}

Hi all you Ginger Snap fans. I am so excited to be here. I love Ginger’s blog and all of the fun creative ideas that she shares with all of us. She is just so cute!

I am Rita from Pink Polka Dot Creations:

where I love to share fun craft ideas, sewing projects, holiday ideas, yummy quick easy recipes, DIY projects, party games and ideas, and lots of fun whimsical printables for you to use! I would love for you to come to Pink Polka Dot Creations and look around for awhile!

I want to show you my top five posts from last year:

The most viewed and most pinned post was:

My Cute Car Kit.

This is a great way to lighten up your purse and yet still have all the things that you would need while you are out carpooling and driving kids from place to place, running errands, etc. etc. etc. (Do you sometimes feel like you live in your car?)

My second favorite post is:

Recipe Book Dividers

These are free printables for you to print off and then organize all of your recipes into sheet protectors. It is so easy to get all those clipped, or printed recipes into one book and get them organized into categories so that now you can find them!

My third favorite post:

Cashew Chicken Casserole

This is one of those yummy, easy to fix, comfort foods that just make you happy! šŸ™‚

The fourth:

DIY Fabric Softener

Even though this is not a very glamorous picture. I have had a lot of interest in this post. It works great and it is very inexpensive to make. A great idea to start off the new year with!

And Last but Certainly not Least:

are my Visiting Teaching Handout ideas!

I do a different printable for each month. They go along with my church VT message, but these little thoughts could be used for so many different handouts! They usually have a good message that will uplift you. I also include a blank card and they are usually seasonal so you can write your own message or use it for a cute little gift card!

I put a new one out on the first day of every month, so check back every month to see what the next message will be!

That is my round-up for this year.

I hope that you enjoyed it and that you will visit me often.

You can find me at Pink Polka Dot Creations, on face book, and pinterest!

Thanks again to Ginger for this fun opportunity!

Have a great day Everyone! Love Ya!

Thank you so much, Rita!
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