Good morning! Today I’d love to share someone & something that is near & dear to my heart, my sister, Megan & her organization, Rowan’s Bear. I’ve introduced you to Megan before. She’s amazing! 🙂 A little over two years ago, Megan & her husband, Ryan lost their baby, Rowan. Megan has turned her grief into something amazing. She started Rowan’s Bear.


A little bit about Megan from Rowan’s Bear:

Megan Whitworth likes to describe her life as an unwritten story, still being told.

In the summer of 2016 her story changed forever – Megan lost her baby at 12 weeks pregnant, a boy named Samuel Rowan Whitworth. Not one to hide her story, nor the love for her son, Megan shares the ups and downs of dealing with pregnancy loss, her daily battle with grief, and having a child in Heaven on her blog, Rowan + Hope.

After losing Rowan, Megan’s arms were empty, and they ached to hold her baby. Two days after losing her son, Megan visited a local Hallmark store with her sister and mother when the trio found a plush teddy bear that fit perfectly in Megan’s arms. The teddy bear swiftly became a comfort for Megan as she dealt with grief and missing her son.

Megan wanted to help other grieving mothers and fathers, and that is where the idea of Rowan’s Bear began. Partnering with Birchwood Trading Co., Megan and a team of volunteers are now sending the same plush teddy bear that she found comfort in to families who are enduring pregnancy and infant loss for no charge. 

Megan Whitworth from Rowan's Bear - For Grieving Mothers and Fathers

Megan is funding this all on her own. This is were we need your help. Currently there are 30+ names on a waiting list for receiving a Rowan’s Bear. For a few dollars, you can help fill a grieving mother’s arms. Please think about donating to this amazing organization. You can donate here. It’s easy! 🙂 Each year our family choses a service to do around the holidays. This year our family has chosen Rowan’s Bear for our Christmas service project. I hope you will join us as well. 🙂

Rowan's Bear by Megan Whitworth

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